Netflix Settles Lawsuit With ‘The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ As The Duo Calls Off Next Show

Netflix Settles Lawsuit With ‘The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ As The Duo Calls Off Next Show

Bridgerton is one of those period dramas whose success is evident to every watching eye as the show instant achieved a household name on Netflix. The debut season became a global phenomenon for the passionate yet innocent love presented through characters like Daphne. Social media overflowed with videos and makeovers on the dialogue of the series. Amidst this enormous wave of fame and love shown by fans, two young women gave the biggest tribute to the show.

Later, following a series of events, Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow were sued by the streamer for taking things beyond permission. However, the matter recently got resolved and Netflix settled the lawsuit filed against them. Let’s know the full story of this Unofficial Bridgerton Musical and how you can watch it.

Netflix has abandoned the Bridgerton Musical case against TikTok stars

According to Insider, Netflix has dismissed the case they filed against the creators of “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical.” The Grammy winner Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow became famous after their first tease, “Daphne’s Song,” on TikTok.

The duo started writing songs inspired by poetic dialogues and the era of beautiful depictions. Their songs racked up millions of views, making them a viral sensation on the internet. The streaming giant itself praised them for bringing out the beauty of the show so remarkably.

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However, Netflix took legal action against them when they held a show at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. The streaming platform revealed in the court reports given to Insider that they put forward a deal of license, which the pair constantly refused. Meanwhile, they charged attendees for the Kennedy Center performance a high price of about $149.

The tiktok page also sold mementos of the show, which had official “Bridgerton” trademarks. The author of Bridgerton book series, Julia Quinn, said that there is a major difference between posting entertaining things on TikTok and reaping financial benefits from it.

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Nevertheless, Netflix has closed the case without any particular reason given to the media. There is only one revelation: Barlow and Bear have called off their next performance, which was going to take place at London’s Royal Albert Hall. But if haven’t heard the musicals you can stream the album on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. What do you think about the decision streamer made? Leave your comments with us below!

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