Here Are Top 5 Highly Anticipated Moments That Fans Wish to See In The Upcoming ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3.

Here Are Top 5 Highly Anticipated Moments That Fans Wish to See In The Upcoming ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3.

As Bridgerton Season 3 is already around the corner, fans cannot keep calm anymore. There have been a lot of theories and fan expectations already surfacing on the internet. Many of which are a sure shot in the upcoming series. The production is still underway, with Colin Bridgerton and Penelope as the main cast.

The season will majorly focus on this couple according to the book sequence of couple love stories. Nevertheless, from the previous seasons, it was quite evident that the two best friends would soon end up as the third most adorable sweethearts of the franchise. However, here are some sure-shot anticipated moments that fans hope to see. 

What can you expect from the upcoming Bridgerton season 3?

Lady Danbury backs up Penelope as no other

To top them all is the bond development between Lady Danbury and Penelope over time, evident from the book Romancing Mister Bridgerton. Lady Danbury and Penelope run lines really well, and the former takes a great liking to the 28-year-spinster. Danbury also had a special respect and admiration for Pen for speaking her mind and being brighter than the rest of her family. 

Colin discovers Penelope is Lady Whistledown

This is another major aspect of the season that might unfold. As the audience is already aware of the truth behind Lady Whistledown, it is now Colin’s turn to know the same. The last season ended with a shocking revelation to Eloise as she discovered her best friend’s deepest secret.

However, according to the book, Colin came to know about it first. Hence, the upcoming season might be a great eye-opener for our frontman. 

Penelope reads through Colin’s travel journey

This is the moment when booking Colin and showing Colin cross paths, as their quest to find their passion does not change anywhere. The Prince is always busy with his business and ordeals while running into Penelope now and then. He tries to find her in everyone he meets in the course of his journey. That short explained his inclination toward his love of life without him realizing it.

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Hence, according to the book, it might happen as well that Penelope becomes curious and scans through the pages of his journals. This also might be a common interest for both, as both take pleasure in writing. This might bring them even closer and establish a stronger bond over literature. 

Eloise and her much-anticipated isolation  after Penelope’s love story

Ever since the show commenced, Eloise and Penelope have been best friends goals. The duo has been fabulous, from finding deepest secrets to sharing the tiniest details of their daily lives.

However, season 3 saw a heartbreaking separation between the two. Nevertheless, the two might reconcile, but their strings might fall loose after Penelope engages with Colin. 

Reunion of The Featheringtons

Last but not least, we have all seen Penelope’s family has gone through a lot. However, that does not excuse her mother, Mrs. Featherington, for all she did. However, even the most cunning minds go through a divine change of heart, which is what we saw in the last season. Hopefully, the family will reunite on a softer note, as they deserve it.

Bridgerton season 3 will soon release on Netflix. Meanwhile, why not re-watch the previous seasons?

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