“Netflix reverse your decisions”- ‘Warrior Nun’ Fans Put Up Yet Another Attempt to Save Their Favorite Show From the Cancel Axe

“Netflix reverse your decisions”- ‘Warrior Nun’ Fans Put Up Yet Another Attempt to Save Their Favorite Show From the Cancel Axe

Netflix’s Warrior Nun has probably most definitely become the most talked-about show in the world. It was in the “Top 10” most popular items chart on Netflix for three weeks after the release of its second season. However, despite having a large fan following, Netflix canceled the show after two seasons, much to fan uproar and heartbreak.

After Netflix canceled the show, the fans were infuriated, and since then they have been demanding the streaming giant to change its decision. They did so by using #SaveWarriorNun in the comment section of every post from the streamer. Recently, one of the show’s fans made fan art, and here is what she asked the other fans to do.

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What is the new maneuver of Warrior Nun fans to bring the show back?

It is not something new for Netflix when fans demand the return of a sequel to any show. However, this time, it is a different story. This is probably one of the first campaigns run by the fans who have come this far and are getting the support of millions of them on social media. The new effort to bring the show back has been made by a Twitter user named Mako. In fact, the user has made a new fan art of one of the show’s characters, Ava, and posted it with the caption, “Netflix Reverse Your Decision.” Along with that, the Ukranian has also used the hashtag #SaveWarriorNun, to help the message spread quickly.


Apparently, Mako is getting huge support from the fans of the show, as they appreciate the initiative.

While many appreciated Mako’s efforts, this new fan found solidarity in the artwork.

Netflix has a very old habit of canceling shows, and the world has accepted it with a pinch of salt. Moreover, the major reason behind the OTT canceling the shows is that most of them fail to bring the platform the desired or expected number of views. After all, being a premium ad-free platform, Netflix is also helpless as it cannot bet money on something with fewer views.

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That hasn’t been the case with Warrior Nun, as per fan argument. The show’s first season premiered in the year 2020. It is the story of a young girl named Ava, who is a teenage orphan. She becomes the head of a secret sect of nuns who hunt demons. As per NME, the show is an adaptation of a series of comics by Ben Dunn. Since its release, the numbers for the show have only gone up.

Do you think Netflix will bring the show back with such fan uproar? Tell us in the comments.

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