Netflix Reveals Huge Spoilers of Emily in Paris Season 2

Netflix Reveals Huge Spoilers of Emily in Paris Season 2

Who hasn’t googled spoilers of a show before its release? Be it reading fan theories on Reddit, or spoilers in interviews (looking at Tom Holland), fans have always tried to extract anything they can before they get to see their favorite shows. On the verge of the release of Emily in Paris season 2, Netflix has released a video full of spoilers!

Emily Cooper didn’t fail to amuse anyone in season 1 of Emily in Paris. We watched her get ready for a promotion, have it canceled, move to France without knowing French, got dumped, manage to make her boss not hate her, and, finally, have a good social life. As the season ended, she had a stable job and a great boyfriend. Well, boyfriend situation, but it was better than her position before.

With the release of season 2 on December 22, 2020, fans of the show are more excited than ever. To appease their curiosity, Netflix has released a bunch of spoilers of Emily in Paris season 2. Some of these are:

New roles, new roads

Season 2 of Emily in Paris ended with her and Sylvie getting along a little. The two learned to have mutual respect for each other. Sylvie, especially, learned to recognize Emily’s talents and acknowledge her hard work. At the end of season 1, Emily was dealing with more responsibilities in her office, as she deserves.

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The love triangle

One of the biggest questions that users have looked up spoilers for in Emily in Paris season 2 is- what of the love triangle? According to the great Barney Stinson, “the bro code has been around for centuries. Nay, whatever is more than a century.” Well, Emily didn’t just date her ‘bro’ Camille’s boyfriend. She did so right after they broke up. It will certainly be interesting watching the three find a common ground that works for them all.

Friends and their lovers

Through the entire course of season 1, we saw Madeline help sort her career out. Now that she is back to woo audiences with her voice, it won’t be just the crowds she will be wooing. Netflix revealed that Emily’s best friend will be having romantic ventures of her own!

How old is Emily, again?

Yes, just like most other viewers, you probably don’t remember any mention of the protagonist’s age or her birthday. Season 2 clears all that up as we will watch Emily celebrate her birthday, informing the viewers of her age.


While Emily might have gotten through season 1 of the Netflix Original with broken French and Excusez-Moi (tr: pardon me), she is determined to take French seriously for the next season of the series.

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