Netflix Overtakes Rival Streaming Giants With ‘Harry & Meghan’ Breaking Year-Long Viewership Records

Netflix Overtakes Rival Streaming Giants With ‘Harry & Meghan’ Breaking Year-Long Viewership Records

The American streaming giant has always been one of the leading streamers in the television industry, boasting some of its top blockbusters of all time. Along with the internet’s current obsession with franchises like House of Cards, Stranger Things, The Witcher and others, a record-breaking ‘Royal’ Docuseries, Harry & Meghan has made it to the top, like no other. And other streaming platforms cannot come close enough to it. 

As reported by Daily Express, the controversial Harry & Meghan docuseries by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been giving other streamers tough competition. And now it has officially taken over Netflix’s top rivals like Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Hotstar. 

The enormous stardom of the tell-all six-part-docuseries far outweighs any backlash and disputes from media and outraged viewers. For the record, Prime Video’s highest-rated franchise, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s first episode, managed to accumulate 3.2 million viewers. On the other hand, Disney Plus Hotstar-hosted Star of Wars spin-off Obi-Wan Kenobi amassed 3.1 million in the first week of its release. 

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To top them all, the stirring royal docuseries, on the other hand, broke worldwide charts with a viewership record of 4.2 million merely on the first of its six bombshell episodes. It, in fact, emerged as the UK’s third most-watched show on any streaming platform. Nonetheless, the streak did not end there. 

How did Prince Harry’s memoir give a boost to Harry & Meghan?

Prince Harry dropped another nuke on his estranged family in the United Kingdom by releasing his memoir, Spare. The record-breaking memoir made its way to the Book of Guinness World Records for being the best top-selling non-fiction of all time. The book, in fact, killed two birds with one stone as it fetched another hoard of viewers to Netflix’s Docuseries. 

Having become the most viewed debut documentary series to date, Harry & Meghan officially registered a total of 81.55 million hours watched in its first week of December release. The series that evidently took the internet by storm, spent weeks being in the top 10 most-watched shows in 85 countries and naturally, the number 1 in the United Kingdom. 

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    Dani E Danguilan
    February 27, 2023 at 11:16 am

    And the Sussexes haters and tabloid Media insisted the popularity of the Sussexes has gone down…..REALLY NETFLIX ? Is that TRUE or they’re just JEALOUS?

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