‘The Cuphead Show!’ On Netflix: The “Crazy Looking” Intro Almost Didn’t Make It to the Show

‘The Cuphead Show!’ On Netflix: The “Crazy Looking” Intro Almost Didn’t Make It to the Show

What is one thing that we miss the most from our days of cartoon watching? The amazingly catchy opening songs we used to sing and dance to. Over the years, intros to the shows got boring and thus we always end up skipping it. Well, Netflix is here to change that with The Cuphead Show! The latest animated show is based on the 2017 game and is thus inherently comical and engaging. But what is up with the song, though?

Well, the song you hear at the very beginning of every episode is something that will take you back to the days of Mickey Mouse. It is extremely captivating and really gets you in a mood for the adventure that awaits in the episode. But did you know the beautiful song was actually in shades of doubts for a good while? Let us tell you more about this little ear-worm of an intro from the Netflix Original.

How the Netflix series The Cuphead Show! almost lost its signature intro song?

While talking about the theme song, Art Director Andrea Fernandez said that the decision to add a theme song was under an argument. According to her, a theme and an intro were something that was not really needed for a show that is going to be streamed on an OTT platform. However, it was the creator Dave Wasson who wanted it, and he wanted a “crazy-looking one“.

I was like… my kids, if they’re watching a show, and they really love the intro, they don’t skip it. I think if we make this thing right, this could be something that everybody really loves. And then we [Wasson and co-executive producer Cosmo Segurson] wrote the song. They were like, We’ll make it 15 seconds long. And we wrote a song that was 45 seconds long. We were like, We can’t! We shortened it a little bit. We can’t be shorter than 45 seconds long! It has to be that,” saidsaid executive producer Dave Wasson.

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They didn’t even have any extra budget or time to make it. Andrea recalled how she begged the line producer to get just one extra shot, but all gave out an excellent result. She said, “I look at that intro now and I’m like I was so lucky that we sweet-talked our line producer into getting that one extra shot. It paid off. It paid off for sure.

Did you like The Cuphead Show! opening song? Tell us what is your favorite cartoon intro of all time?

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