Netflix Fans Thank the Streaming Giant’s Algorithm for Discovering an Adorable Lesser Known Japanese Reality Show

Netflix Fans Thank the Streaming Giant’s Algorithm for Discovering an Adorable Lesser Known Japanese Reality Show

There are numerous over-the-top streaming platforms in the world. All of them are in a constant struggle to emerge victorious on top. But there is a legitimate reason why Netflix has been dominating the market for all these years. Well, we do not know their entire 11 herbs and spices. But their recommendation algorithm has been keeping fans happy for all these years now.

But now, they have made fans happier by recommending a comfort show like no other.

Old Enough on Netflix is the new hit

Old Enough (“My First Errand” in Japan) is a new Netflix viral hit, although it’s been a hit in Japan for 30 years, with almost a quarter of the population tuning in each episode. In the show, children aged 2 to 4 are sent out on their own to complete chores that are frequently food-related, such as picking up a few groceries or bringing a forgotten sushi apron to their parents’ restaurant.

The tasks are simple (and scouts and photographers are on hand to add an extra layer of safety). But their scope far exceeds what similarly aged children in America would be capable of doing on their own. Whether it’s taking the bus alone, walking several kilometers up steep hills and steps, or shopping and paying for items on their own.

The show has been a victim of controversies among parental experts. But the fans love it! They have even thanked Netflix for giving such an amazing recommendation.

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Some of the tweets showing their appreciation towards Netflix are

How does their algorithm work

Netflix employs a number of rankers, albeit the architecture of each model is not revealed. Some of the algorithms that Netflix uses are, Personalised Video Ranking (PVR), Top-N Video Ranker, Trending Now Ranker, and Continue Watching Ranker.

All of these ranking systems work together to provide you with the most personalized recommendations. It is great to see that a streaming site knows you so well that you can rely on it solely to watch shows and movies in the future.

Are you a fan of Netflix’s recommendation system? Or do you believe in manual searches for your next watch? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the matter.

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