“Not everyone’s gonna survive”: Duffer Brothers Point Out the Body Bag in the ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Trailer, Who Is Gonna Die?

“Not everyone’s gonna survive”: Duffer Brothers Point Out the Body Bag in the ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Trailer, Who Is Gonna Die?

The Duffer Brothers just drove a knife through our hearts when they revealed that not everyone’s going to end up alive this season. Well, it was expected because of the ending of season 3 which entered a darker territory – Billy and Hopper’s death. The brothers mentioned earlier that this season is going to get darker; Stranger Things season 4 incorporated spooky elements. Now that the trailer dropped, it’s both intriguing and scary. Just like Max has a lot to unpack after the events of the previous season, we have a lot to break down about this trailer as well. For instance, the body bag. What’s in it? 

What’s in the body bag revealed in the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer?

The trailer unveils a lot of shocking moments, but what has caught our eye is the body bag. We get an aerial shot of the entire scene. The police are in, and the emergency rescuers are moving the body. However, they don’t reveal the body. But we do see Robin, Dustin, and Steve all petrified.

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Their startled expression could mean that someone they know or was acquainted with has died. Or is it Max? Her newfound powers at Billy’s grave, her exploring the Creel House, and finding the grandfather clock seem ominous. 

“All of this darkness it’s not just occurring in the Upside Down, it’s leaking out into our world and infecting the town itself, not literally but you know psychologically. It’s affecting all of our characters,” said the Duffer Brothers.

Danger is looming ahead for the gang in Hawkins

The scale is bigger in Stranger Things season 4 and so is the threat. The events are not going to stay between just the gang and the lab anymore. 

“Hawkins really is still reeling from the events of season 3 and there’s this sense that’s been growing over the years where so many bad things have happened in this town that people are starting to question what’s going on here.”

“So there’s this growing sense that there is something wrong with this town, some people even saying that it’s cursed,” they explained. 

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So what are your thoughts on the trailer and this particular scene? Let us know in the comment section.

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