Netflix Account Password Sharing Is Going to Be More Expensive Than You Think

Netflix Account Password Sharing Is Going to Be More Expensive Than You Think

Be aware, dear subscribers. Netflix has an eye on each one of us. The streaming service makes sure that it gets proper revenue for the absolutely beautiful content it provides throughout its channel. Earlier this month, it announced the launch of two tests in certain countries to check who are the actual subscribers and who are just enjoying the content with no payback. Going forward, Netflix password sharing won’t be a simple task. So if you are still using someone else’s account, you need to pay your full attention here.

In the article ‘Paying to share Netflix Outside your Household;’ the streaming service has clearly mentioned the surge of $2.99. It is for the subscribers sharing passwords to people living beyond the boundaries of their households. Netflix mentioned how it has made it easy for subscribers by providing facilities such as multiple accounts, separate profiles, et cetera. But this has also created a lot of fuss. A study found that almost 14% of users allow people to binge on Netflix for free.

Netflix felt a need for a solution and here’s what the streaming service came up with. Although, it might not be good news for each one of us.

Sharing passwords on Netflix will be an arduous task!

With other streaming services giving tough competition to Netflix, it has extensively worked on its content strategy over the past two years and will continue to do so. For this, it is looking for ways to increase its revenue from the existing subscriber base. For instance, it increased its prices for the US and UK audiences recently.

In the upcoming experiment, the streaming service will allow their standard and premium users to add up to two extra accounts of people they don’t live with. “The streamer will also allow subs on its three plans (Basic, Standard, and Premium) to transfer their profile information to an entirely new Netflix account or Extra Sub account,” states VarietyBasically, all this is to enhance the revenue with a motive of earning straight profit.

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This is to be done in three countries– Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, and the streaming service might not enforce it globally. Here’s how it will work-

People will need to verify their devices

In the experiment, the streaming service will probably send a verification code to the owner, while Netflix password sharing is done. This will make sure that the owner will know what other devices are using their account. Further, it will also use the device ID and IP addresses to know when and how one account is being used. This will surely result in an increase in profit. 

But how will it generate the desired profit? Let’s understand with an example. If a user is using an account freely in these three countries, he may not ask the owner for the verification code out of his dignity. It is also possible that the owner may not verify unidentified devices. This will force users to get an account of their own. However, it is also entirely possible that the users are close and might not have any problem verifying the device. Further, once the verification is done, there is no necessity to repeat the process again and again, per the reports.

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Hence, Netflix password sharing may not seem to be a big problem for the subscribers, but it will surely bring in a few new subscribers, helping Netflix to achieve its goals and work on its content and creation. Do tell us in the comment section what are your thoughts about this new experiment.

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    March 23, 2022 at 5:49 pm

    A few yrs ago i had to cut cable, because its expensive. I bought Amazon fire sticks for my home, cut cable, & kept unlimited wifi, which is $140 per mo. So, i have 2 subs, 1 is Amazon Prime at a discount because of my low income. The other i chose Netflix, & with the help of family helping pay for the service i wouldn’t be able to afford it. I pay for the 5 profiles because their are 5 fire sticks & 8 other devices in our household that use Netflix. All of the devices are not in the household at all times & some of the devices belong to diff family members who are away from home, but live in the same household. Some are away to work, school, visiting fam/friends, caretaker of a fam member, etc… I also use Netflix to watch Netflix at my g- daughter’s home w/my great g-daughter babysitting while g-daughter is away working. We are disabled & receive monthly SSDI benefits with a fixed income. TV is the basically the only entertainment we have that we’re able to do. When u have to lay in bed most the time because of pain & illnesses, it helps past the time & provides sanity when you can’t go afford to go anywhere. We couldn’t afford Netflix or wifi w/o the help of our family members helping pay for it. Yes, those family members also have a profile & watch Netflix. Also, why doesn’t Netflix allow discounted service for low income, EBT, MEDICAID, ETC.. As Amazon does for its Prime service???

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