Netflix Is Increasing Subscription Price in UK and Ireland: Find Here Why and by How Much

Netflix Is Increasing Subscription Price in UK and Ireland: Find Here Why and by How Much

After Netflix users in US and Canada saw an increase in their subscription price, those in UK and Ireland are about to see a similar thing. While the increase isn’t significant, users of the streaming giant are left rather disappointed. This is the second time Netflix has increased the pricing in less than 18 months. Find here all you need to know about this.

Why is my monthly price on Netflix increasing?

Netflix has changed and grown a lot. The company started out as a DVD rental service in the 1990s and has grown into a streaming giant. It has also made a name for itself as a production house with its striking Netflix Originals. In fact, it surpassed any other production house at the 2022 Oscars. With films like The Power of the Dog, Don’t Look Up, Tick, Tick Boom! and The Lost Daughter under its wing, Netflix left quite the mark.

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The company is also going to enter the gaming arena. Not unlike Disney, the company aims to create a dynamic experience that users of various interests can enjoy.

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However, opportunities are limited, and growth will stall at some point. After this, the company can either gain more subscribers or increase the revenue they get from the current users. While the former constantly keeps increasing, they need revenue from the second option as well. Add variables like inflation to this mixture and you know precisely why Netflix needs to keep increasing its subscription amounts.

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How much did the Netflix price increase?

The price change will apply immediately to new users. Old subscribers will get a notification 30 days before the price is bumped. The increases are as follows:


Basic plan

Old price: £6

New price: £7

Difference: +£1

Standard plan

Old price: £10

New price: £11

Difference: +£1

Premium plan

Old price: £14

New price: £16

Difference: +£2


Basic plan

Old price: £8

New price: €9

Difference: +€1

Standard plan

Old price: £13

New price: €15

Difference: +€2

Premium plan

Old price: £18

New price: €21

Difference: +€3

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What do you think of this increase? Do you find it is reasonable considering inflation and user experience, or do you think other platforms offer better value for money?

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