Neither Joyce And Hopper, Nor Mileven, But This Couple Was The Real Love Story Of ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Neither Joyce And Hopper, Nor Mileven, But This Couple Was The Real Love Story Of ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Fans got to see real romance in the fresh season of Stranger Things when Joyce and Hopper finally fall into each other’s arms. Also, Mike and Eleven reconcile after arguing about their gripping insecurities and fears. Viewers swooned at the heart-melting chemistry of the characters since they deeply fell in love. But have you noticed a metallic love story and the inevitable trust they both shared? Amidst all the action sequences and breaking bones there was a man who just cared for himself and his helicopter. Let’s get to the bottom of the story of Yuri Ismaylov and his eternal love for his hidden gem Katinka.

Yuri Ismaylov and Katinka have a better love angle than any couple in Stranger Things 

In a recent post shared on Twitter, we saw a picture of Yuri and his treasured helicopter. The post stated: “yuri and Katinka were the real love story of s4”. This reminded fans of the scene where Yuri extensively describes his Katinka. Like she is something exceptional and extraordinary which turns out to be the opposite.

The character of Yuri Ismaylov, portrayed by Nikola Đuričko in season 4 was shown as an eccentric selfish man. He betrayed Joyce and Murray when they have the last chance to save Hopper from that hellish place. Fortunately, they capture him and threaten to kill him if he didn’t take them out of Russia.

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So he takes them to a secret port where he has kept a helicopter. Crunching his peanut butter he keeps on babbling about how amazing Katinka is. He even goes on to compare this dismantled helicopter with the beautiful woman he has met. And says no one can take Katinka’s place in his heart which sounds hilarious.

Moving forward from all the appreciations and stories it seems that the helicopter doesn’t work. Or Yuri doesn’t want Hopper and others to fly away. Seeing that he is once again playing games Enzo confronts him and calls him a coward. Therefore, striking at the weakest point because Yuri was a true patriot and a great man. Enzo reminds him saving the planet is more important than hating Americans.

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Finally, the smuggler shows that his Katinka is truly a star and can fly just fine. So we can give a happy ending credit to these lovers as they helped Hopper meet his daughter. What do you think about this rare love story of Yuri and Katinka? Feel free to tell us in the comment section!

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