“…My parents were” – When Ryan Gosling Opened Up About His Mormon Upbringing and Finding His Own Spiritual Identity

“…My parents were” – When Ryan Gosling Opened Up About His Mormon Upbringing and Finding His Own Spiritual Identity

Ever since Under The Banner of Heaven hit the TV screens last year, people have started to take a keen interest in religious cults. The golden globe nominated show shone a light on the Mormon communities, particularly the one in the 1980s Utah. While dealing with a true crime incident, the show gives us an inside look into the doctrine. Not many know, but a lot of our favorite stars, including Ryan Gosling, grew up Mormon.

The Australian is mostly known for his romantic movies like La La Land and The Notebook. He has solidified himself as one of the romantic heartthrobs of this generation. However, his childhood was mostly spent in Mormon churches. 

Ryan Gosling never identified with his parents’ religion 

Ryan Gosling grew up in a rather Mormon household. His parents practiced the religion, but he never quite accepted it or practiced it. Despite having a religious upbringing, his mother was not exactly the strict type. He revealed to Beliefnet in 2007 that his mother was one of the coolest. She never forced his son to adhere to the same faith as hers.

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“I wasn’t really Mormon, my parents were,” he disclosed.

She instead told him to go on his own spiritual journey to find his identity. She also emphasized that this was only an idea and an option that she chose, but there were others and Gosling was free to make his own choice. 

But Gosling does not quite regret his Mormon upbringing. Instead, he told the same outlet that the religion had certain perks and they were good for him. One, in particular, was the fact that the Mormon Church requires you to socialize within your Mormon community. So the Drive actor has to grow to mingle with his fellow Mormons, go to Church, sing, and pray in churches. He even had to shake a lot of hands! His Mormon upbringing actually did help in the long run.

This year, he is making a comeback with Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. Despite a stellar filmography, the A-list actor is yet to bite the Marvel bullet. But fans already have characters in mind for him!

Did you know he grew up a Mormon? 

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