‘It should be FOUR by now’ – Twitterati Demand a Sequel of THIS Shane Black Movie Staring Ryan Gosling

‘It should be FOUR by now’ – Twitterati Demand a Sequel of THIS Shane Black Movie Staring Ryan Gosling

Discovering hidden gems of Hollywood is perhaps the best love token movie nerds can ever receive. And this valentine’s week, we bring to you a perfect surprise. In the package, we also bring to you one of the most bankable romantic leads of all time, Ryan Gosling, in his not-so-poised and stoic self, and also a widely supported demand to renew the detective gig for a sequel. Well, if you are a true geek, you must have taken our hint already. We are indeed talking about the 2016 movie starring the La La Land actor, The Nice Guys.

The Nice Guys stars Ryan Gosling as the secret eye detective, Holland March, and the Gladiator star, Russell Crowe, as a thug law enforcer. The two become one of the most hysterical teams we ever came across on screen to investigate a mysterious celebrity death. Gosling also has a daughter in the film. The popcorn-munching entertainment is certainly a jubilant, gritty and guilt-free lark. And when one of the Twitterati recommended making The Nice Guys’ sequel, the world twirled in jubilance.

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Twitterati demand a sequel of The Nice Guy Starring Ryan Gosling

Before we acquaint you with all the details, just to add a cherry on top, the director of Iron Man 3, Shane Black, holds the credit for both script writing and directing it. And recently, when one of the entertainment pages on Twitter posted a frame from the 2016 film, fans reacted with sheer enthusiasm. Seems like Black needs to get on the work right away. While some said it has the best character in cinema, others say it should already be in making by now.

Another user suggests it is the perfect time to make the movie because people are “fed up with superhero movies.”

Fans also assert that there should already be some “four sequels by now.” Others confess that they would lowkey want a sequel but the standalone movie is also a “chef’s kiss.”

Some say they have been waiting for the sequel for years and would do anything for it, demanding, “give us what we want.”

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