Most Relatable High-School Moment From ‘Boo, Bitch’ Will Make You Long For A Bestie

Most Relatable High-School Moment From ‘Boo, Bitch’ Will Make You Long For A Bestie

A friend in need is a friend indeed! This is the best phrase to describe a true friend who always helps you in the darkest times. Because there is always a person in your life who is unlike others, that is your best friend. The person who is there whenever you are messed up or just couldn’t find life right. The same kind of friendship is brought on screen by ‘Boo, Bitch’, which melted viewers’ hearts, as we met Zoe Colletti and rom-com queen Lana Condor as two best friends in a high school story. However, this big silly comedy is not a usual narrative of fellowship and laughter, but an astounding representation where Gia’s bestie Erika becomes a ghost after being hit by a vehicle.

Boo, Bitch has the best heartwarming moments of friendship

The teenage drama focuses on the lives of two best friends who decide to embrace the life of High School. Since they have been invisible all these years and missed out on all the fun to avoid drama, attending the prom night together was their last chance to experience something exciting. This change happens after a key moment in Erika’s story. A recent clip, shared by Still Watching Netflix on YouTube, shows that moment. In the clip, we see Erika is overwhelmed by her life. Ericka runs out thinking she is not made for this as has already been shunned by the popular girl Riley once.

The video shows the emotional conversation between besties where Erika states she will remain unnoticed forever. Because she lets other people make fun of her, she hides in the shadow to feel safe, even though she had big plans for High School, which is every teenager’s dream. Like she said:

“It’s better to be unseen than to be seen. Maybe this is who I am. Maybe I will always be Helen WHO.” 

To which Gia replied:

“You are Erika Vu. BITCH. A girl with big hopes and dreams.” 

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Gia persuades Erika to believe in herself

Gia supports Erika amidst her mental breakdown when she loses her cool. Gia makes her realize that their dreams are not over yet. And they still have a chance at making some epic memories together. These little motivation notes can change a friend’s life like they did Erika’s. Take a look at the video pinned below.

As the series depicts, this is what friends do; they make your life beautiful. Surprisingly Boo, Bitch has brought kindred souls together, as stated by Zoe Colletti in an interview that she gained a new friend in Lana Condor. Working on sets, they became close and built a strong bond of friendship. So the fantastic duo viewers saw in the show is a real thing. If you haven’t watched these two crazy friends going bonkers in High School. Go stream the limited comedy series available only on Netflix.

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