More Sports Documentaries to Watch if You Liked Bad Sport on Netflix

More Sports Documentaries to Watch if You Liked Bad Sport on Netflix

Sports are indeed a large part of our lives. Our coffee-table conversations, foods, clothes, and even personalities revolve around a sport or an athlete that we solely admire. But, just as any other creation of humans, sports too were always bound to have controversies, and controversies always attract an audience. Netflix has been releasing content that is about or around sports for a long time, but it took a big leap with the release of a new original sports documentary titled Bad Sport.

Bad Sport is a documentary series of six distinct incidents from the sports industry. You get to see a bunch of athletes, police officials, and coaching staff come out; and talk about things that took the world by storm. Along with excellent viewers’ reception, the documentary has left fans yearning for more. But, we have got you covered, here are some great sports documentaries that you would love to stream if you liked Bad Sport on Netflix.

Last Chance U

One of the most popular and loved docuseries on Netflix, which ran for a total of 5 seasons, Last Chance U focuses on different college teams in every season. The series, instead of being a source of motivation or inspiration is rather more about what the name suggests – the last chance for the kids to make it into the big league. Even though the series has ended its run, the fans have another treat as Last Chance U: Basketball is here.

The Playbook

How often do we consider the fact that the minds that run a sport are just as important as the bodies? The Playbook Netflix is sort of an anthology. In each episode, a different coach from a different sport comes and talks about rules, tactics, their style of coaching, and much more. Some popular names who appear on this series include Philadelphia 76er coach Doc Rivers, soccer manager José Mourinho, and USA soccer coach Jill Ellis.

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CounterPunch is the story of three boxers at different stages of their lives and careers, and their journeys to become champions. Boxing is a sport that is not that easy to become a fan of, but this 2017 documentary will surely make you fall in love with the sport.

The Last Dance

Following the last season of Michael Jordan at Chicago Bulls in 1997-1998, The Last Dance captures everything that goes around the world-famous athlete and shows you the various aspects of his life both on and off the court.


Undefeated is the story of Bill Courtney, taking over the defeated and shattered team of The Manassas Tigers High School. The Oscar-winning documentary follows a small team from the region of Memphis, that overcomes a series of disadvantages and financial issues both on and off the field. Undefeated is all about the spirit this team has.

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