Netflix Unboxes Its Holidays Treat – Upcoming Series, Films, and Specials This Holdiay Season Announced

Netflix Unboxes Its Holidays Treat – Upcoming Series, Films, and Specials This Holdiay Season Announced

Being optimistic is something that a majority of us fail at, but still, try our best. We are optimistic. Well, it is not really everyone’s cup of tea; but Netflix sure does know how to make the perfect eggnog that everyone can enjoy together. The streaming platform is here with a list of shows, movies, and specials that will be releasing this Holiday Season, or rather Netflix Holidays Season.

Holidays are indeed something that we wait for the whole year. We celebrate, we laugh, we eat and we spend time with our families and friends; but we also spend a lot of time preparing for the holidays. So why not do it in style? Take a look at what the world’s biggest streaming has in store for you this winter.

Movies on Netflix Holidays

The Claus Family – Releasing on November 1

The Claus Family starring Jan Decleir, Mo Bakker, and Renee Soutendijk is a Dutch Language movie that will be releasing on this Netflix holidays season. It will tell the story of Santa’s grandson who hates Christmas until he discovers a magic snow globe somewhere inside his grandpa’s workshop.

Love Hard – Releasing on November 5

Directed by Hernán Jiménez, Love Hard is a Netflix Original romantic-comedy movie. Written by Danny Mackey and Rebecca Ewing, the film is produced by The Babysitter director McG. The movie tells the story of a young woman in the city of LA, who falls for a guy who has she has been talking with on a dating app. When she goes to meet him, she realizes it was all a scam, and the man has tricked her. But he offers to arrange for her, only if she pretends to be his girlfriend for the holidays.

Father Christmas is Back – Releasing on November 7

Father Christmas is Back is a movie starring the likes of Talulah Riley, Amelie Prescott, April Bowlby, and many more, which tells the tale of four sisters who have reunited for the Christmas Holiday in a Yorkshire mansion. The movie revolves around the family and also sheds light on misunderstandings that uncover the long-buried secret that tore the family apart, a long time ago.

The Princess Switch 3 – Releasing on November 18

The Princes Switch 3: Romancing the Star, starring Vanessa Hudgens, is the third installment to the franchise. This movie will mark the return of Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy and will explore a story where both of them work together to catch a jewel thief.

Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Feast – Releasing on November 23

Waffles and Mochi, the lead characters, return home to celebrate the holidays. One thing leads to another and they both end up hosting a party for a made-up holiday – Freezie Day. Between gathering food and entertaining the guests, the duo realizes the true meaning of holiday traditions.

A Boy Called Christmas – Releasing on November 24

The movie tells the story of a young boy named Nikolas, who sets out on a journey to find his father in the north. While he is looking for the Elves’ village, Elfhelm is accompanied by his friends Blitzen, a reindeer, and a pet mouse. On his journey, he realizes that everything is possible in this magical world.

Robin Robin – Releasing on November 24

A classic tale of a child raised by another family is re-told; when a robin’s egg rolls into a dump and is found by a family of mice. As the robin matures, she notices the clear changes in herself. To prove her caliber as a mouse, she discovers her true self.

A Castle for Christmas – Releasing on November 26

An author goes to the country of Scotland hoping to buy herself a small castle, but the grumpy owner just won’t sell it to a foreigner. In a story of constant struggle and negotiations, the pair may just find something more than their expectations.

Elves – Releasing on November 28

In order to spend some quality time together, a small family travels to a distant island, only to find it is filled with blood-thirsty elves. As the small girl brings home an elven child, the story takes a dramatic turn and the existence of the entire island is threatened.

Single All The Way – Releasing on December 2

This is an LGBTQ+ rom-com releasing this winter on Netflix Holidays, telling the story of a young guy who is really tired of the questions from his family and asks his friend to pretend as though they are dating. When his mother tries to set him up with her handsome trainer, all the plans go downhill.

Shaun the Sheep: The Fight Before Christmas – Releasing on December 3

In this 30-minute special, the world’s most beloved sheep finds himself in a tough spot. In a rather typical fashion, the protagonist Timmy goes missing and Shaun has to somehow find the baby lamb. Searching for the pacifier-sicking kid, the entire flock understands the true value of Christmas.

David and the Elves – Releasing on December 6

Following a move to a big city, David finds his parents always occupied with work and oblivious to the arrival of Christmas. Along with a runaway elf, Albert, David goes on an adventure into the Tatra mountains where his grandparents reside.


A California Christmas: City Lights – Releasing on December 16

The new installment to the Netflix Originals, A California Christmas follows the leads, Callie and Joseph. The couple is happy and content living their country life. Just then, responsibilities come calling for Joseph. Will the romance stay the same or things will take a drastic turn for the lovely couple? The movie will tell us.

Grumpy Christmas – Releasing on December 22

Don Servando, along with his whole family, travels to celebrate Christmas. There they meet Doña Alicia, Alma’s aunt, who instantly becomes Don’s nemesis. Servando will do literally everything he can just to prove how mean and selfish the lady is.

1000 Miles from Christmas – Releasing on December 24

A tale of a man named Raúl, who has had nothing but suffering as his Christmas gift throughout his life. Will his hatred for the festival vanish when he meets Paula, a local teacher in a town that celebrates Christmas like no other. The movie tells us how or rather will he survive through his worst nightmare surrounded by nothing but Christmas symbols.

A Naija Christmas –  Releasing during December Netflix Holidays

A tale of a mother and her three sons, A Naija Christmas, is a story of a race between the siblings who race to fulfill their mom’s wish to see them married. While the mother organizes a Christmas celebration to be remembered, the sons are off to get the best gift for her.

Series Releasing during the Netflix Holidays

Christmas Flow – Releasing on November 17

Starring Shirine Boutella and Tayc, Christmas Flow is a story of a very famous and successful rapper and a tenacious journalist who fall in love with each other. The show explores their relationship while asking a question: Can they make it work despite the differences they have between them?

Charlie’s Colorforms City: Snowy Stories- Releasing on November 30

Snowy Stories” is the new Christmas episode of the Netflix original series Charlie’s Colorforms City. The episode will air on the platform on November 30, 2021. In a special that has the theme of winter, we will get to meet Charlie along with his new friend Yetilda D. Yeti who along with our guy Charlie goes on an amazing snowy stompy adventure over the course of the episode.

StarBeam: Beaming in the New Year – Releasing on December 14

The fun and exciting kid-sized superhero makes a return in season 2 of the show. As the holidays are about to end, all of Zoey’s foes team up to ruin New Year’s Eve. With a bit of training, her cousin Zane joins StarBeam to defeat the enemies and save the holidays.

How to Ruin Christmas: Season 2 – Releasing in December

Tumi Sello is hoping to have a rather peaceful and mellow Christmas. But as expected, all her plans go downhill as she has to once again step up and save the names of her and her family.

Competition Series on Netflix Holidays

Blown Away – Releasing on November 19

“Blown Away” Christmas” is a holiday season special on the glass-blowing competition series; which has aired for two successful seasons on Netflix. The special, which is actually going to be in four parts, will release on November 19th. It will be hosted by the very popular Interior designer and television star Bobby Berk.

School of Chocolate – Releasing on November 26

What happens when you put a bunch of people who know nothing except baking goodness and chocolate? Netflix will answer you, as the world-famous chocolatier Amaury Guichon guides a group of professionals and makes them compete. One of them will win the competition, and along with it, a career-altering opportunity.

The Great British Baking Show: Season 4 – Releasing on December 3

Get ready to feed your inner child with loads and loads of chocolates, butter, and sugar; A plethora of competitors from the previous season come together, and bake goods, and also impress the judges. Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith will rate their skills and amazing winter treats.

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