More of Kevin Hart On Netflix – Shows And Movies

More of Kevin Hart On Netflix – Shows And Movies

American actor and comedian Kevin Hart has been active in the industry since 2001 with the television series Undeclared. But his rise to prominence can be traced back to the 2010s. As of 2021, the actor has appeared and worked in a number of titles. Here are some must-watch titles featuring Kevin Hart on Netflix:

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible

Kevin Hart is a comedic genius, nothing short of the best of his generation, and definitely someone who will go down in history for the same. Kevin Hart: Irresponsible on Netflix brings out the best of the artist as he talks about his personal life.

Ride Along

In the film Ride Along, Hart plays the role of Ben Barber. Barber, with his zestful personality, must earn the approval of the stoic Payton, his girlfriend’s brother. The two cops embark on a journey that allows them to get closer and learn from each other.

Kevin Hart: What Now?

Based on his 2015 stand-up tour of the same name, Kevin Hart: What Now? is the third feature in Hart’s stand-up releases and definitely one of the best of the series. Being one of the biggest comedic tours in history, Hart had many expectations to live up to, and so he did. In this stand-up comedy concert film, he takes time to talk about parenting and the difficulties of the mundane.

The Wedding Ringer

Hart’s comedic career is highly commendable, but less attention is given to his work as an actor. Apart from Jumanji, which was his most successful title so far, fans usually overlook the comedian’s non-stand-up projects.

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The Wedding Ringer is one such title. Though not as critically acclaimed as the others, the film does bring out the classic Kevin Hart comedy scenes.


Kevin Hart’s latest project, Fatherhood on Netflix, is a drama-comedy about a single father. The film is based on Matthew Logelin’s memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love. The story the film tells is that of Logelin’s life and how he brought up his daughter while grieving the loss of his wife a day after their child’s birth.

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