Kevin Hart talks about the political side of his role in Fatherhood

Kevin Hart talks about the political side of his role in Fatherhood

Kevin Hart, whose recent movie Fatherhood is still racking up numbers, talked about his role in the film.

Fans were sure hyped up when Netflix released the trailer for Kevin Hart’s drama movie Fatherhood. He is one of the favorite comedians in the USA and his new movie offered us a hustle story of a single father on his quest to raise a girl all by himself.

Fatherhood started to air on Netflix on June 18. Though not a major hit, the movie managed to get pretty adequate reviews from both the fans and the critics alike. Currently, it has an IMDb rating of 6.8. As for its Rotten Tomatoes ratings, Fatherhood is 72% according to the critics, while fans deem it to be 78%. All in all, Kevin Hart’s new movie is not up to a bad start.

The star Kevin Hart is pretty happy with his role and his performance in the movie, it seems. He talked about all that in an interview with Collider, which also included Bryan Smiley. In the interview, Hart specifically mentioned how his role was kind of a game-changer in the industry, given the usual situation the black fathers are in.

Kevin Hart on the political side his role in Fatherhood

The interviewer asked, “Can you guys talk about what it was about this material, the script, story, that said we need to make this?”

“Well, I think the biggest and best thing about this was an opportunity to truly show my reach within my craft,” said Kevin Hart. “It’s a true story. Being able to portray this man’s life with a performance, it just, it made sense to me. I’ve yet to do this. I’ve yet to grab a piece of material like this and it was also an opportunity to change a narrative that’s attached to black fathers, right?”

After that, he further explained that specific narrative, also touching on how his role in Fatherhood changed it.

“Normally, on the big screen, black fathers are drug addicts, going to jail, getting out of jail, missing. It’s the same story and has been for quite some time. To be a part of a narrative with a positive influence attached to it, after being in such a dark place, I felt was good.”

Kevin Hart: “I think this is my best work”

Hart then spoke on the production process of the movie.

“Everything lined up and it all basically pointed to go. Also, within the development of the script, Marty Bowen, our producing partner on this one, they had the script around for a while but wasn’t brought to us. Matt Logeland, Marty Bowen, ourself at HartBeat, there was a collaborative on just making sure that we could shape and mold the story to now fit me, now that I’m playing the part. Everybody was okay with that.”

To wrap it up, the famous comedian admitted his praise for this role.

“We all had our hands in this pot of making it good, making it great, I think this is my best work on screen that I’ve been able to do on screen in my career.”

What is the synopsis of Fatherhood?

If you’re not familiar with Fatherhood, check out its Netflix synopsis below. You can also watch the official trailer, and give the movie a shot if you like.

“A widowed new dad copes with doubts, fears, heartache and dirty diapers as he sets out to raise his daughter on his own. Inspired by a true story.”

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