Months After the Will Smith Slap Gate Jada Pinkett Smith Says Alpha Males “don’t pay attention to feelings”

Months After the Will Smith Slap Gate Jada Pinkett Smith Says Alpha Males “don’t pay attention to feelings”

The ill-famed incident at Oscars 2022 between Will Smith and Chris Rock was one of the most shocking things in Hollywood’s history. The Man In Black actor slapped the host of the awards who made a joke about his wife’s hair look. This single moment of rage stained the image of this family while Smith publicly apologized to the comedian.

Also, the couple gave statements to the media about the situation that led to the action. After that, they remained out of public sight for months to contemplate and heal from the slap gate. Now things seem to start settling as Jada Pinkett Smith is once again back on the screen and gave a statement on her Facebook watch show.

Will Jada Pinkett Smith spoke about alpha males on the Red Table show

On Wednesday, Hayden Panettiere stopped by Red Table Talk to have a chit-chat with the host Jada Pinkett Smith. During the conversation, the actress opened up about how she has been through extreme mental traumaOne Life to Live star has fought depression which also made her addicted to alcohol consumption.

Moreover, Hayden revealed that her ex-husband couldn’t understand what she was going through. She said that her husband thought she was making things worse by herself. And that his opinions would be different if he had any sisters or females around. Although she respects his point of view and being a sportsman, he was very “diligent” and mentally stable.

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Meanwhile, the slap gate incident raised questions about Jada and how she might have influenced Will Smith for the action. However, Smith stated to one of the fan questions that whatever he did was his own decision, and he is accountable for it.

Also, Jada defended the Smith family on her show which included a message before the episode. “Considering all that has happened in the last few weeks, the Smith family has been focusing on deep healing,” read the message.

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She conveyed through her show that they would lay low for a while and make a comeback at the right time. What do you think about Will Smith and his family coping with the bad times? Let us know your views in the comment box.

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