Money Heist Season 5 – Alicia Sierra Character Breakdown

Money Heist Season 5 – Alicia Sierra Character Breakdown

“Good evening. I’m Alicia Sierra, for those who don’t know me. And I’m going to be in charge of this robbery’s negotiations. The party begins!” This is how Alicia Sierra announced her arrival on Money Heist, and since then it has been a privilege to know her. A Netflix character that we hated at the beginning, was intrigued by in the middle, and now absolutely love.

The character of Alicia opened up in layers, just like an onion does. From a torturer who made Rio’s life a living hell, she became the anti-heroine who assured the robbers are not arrested or killed during the heist. We all loved how she developed throughout the course of the show, so let’s sit down for a few minutes and talk about it.

Alicia Sierra: The Torturer

We first saw Alicia in a rather shady facility in a desert; where she was tormenting one of the gang members, Rio. For 17 long days, Alicia served her understanding of hell to the 23-year-old boy. So devastating and cruel that it broke him, completely shattered him into pieces. So, when the gang got to know about the capturing of Rio, they were quick to react and took matters into their own hands. And thus began the Bank of Spain heist.

Owing to the demands of the gang, Colonel Tamayo had to call Alicia Sierra and ask her to let Rio free, and with that, Alicia Sierra arrived at the scenes of Money Heist. Pregnant, powerful, and with a load of enthusiasm to track down The Professor.

The Queen Bi**h

It was honestly so amazing to see Sierra at work, with her simple yet savage replies to The Professor. Now we all know how Professor is always interested in what the person over the phone is wearing, so when Alicia got on the call she said, “If you’re calling to negotiate, press one. If you’re calling to turn yourself in, press two. If you’re calling to ask what I’m wearing, press the pound sign.” 

The gang even released a confession of Rio, where he told the entire world how he was tortured and persecuted at the hands of Sierra. This little video was a heavy blow at the Spanish governance and Tamayo was quick to instruct Alicia to hold a press conference and deny those allegations. Well, if only it were this simple, but Alicia made matters worse for her; she not only confirmed her hand in the torture of Rio but said how the government was fully aware of everything that happened.

After that, Alicia painted a target on her back and even got herself an arrest warrant. But that never stops her from completing the mission that she assigned to herself, as she vowed to track down the professor. She actually succeeded with that and arrived at the hideout with a gun in her hands. Sierra looked right into The Professor’s eyes and said, “Checkmate, you son of a bitch!” 

Alicia Sierra joins the Money Heist

While Alicia came to capture The Professor, she soon realizes that there was no point in doing that; as the government has already turned its back on her and portrayed her as a villain. Sergio smartly explains to her that the best she can do is stick with the gang, and that’s the only way she could survive. They even helped her deliver her beautiful daughter, Victoria. You’d think that should be enough reason for her to trust the gang, but it was not.

Alicia is unpredictable, and she proves it yet again when she makes one last attempt at turning the professor in, in exchange for her freedom. But Tamayo throws that plan into the river when he calls the cops to capture her. Once again, The Professor and his wit save the lives of himself, Victoria, and of course, Alicia. That finally ignites the change of heart in Alicia, and she, at last, joins the Resistance.

Alicia plays a very crucial role in getting everyone, including The Professor out of the bank. As she was the one who tracked down the gold and made sure it was transported back to safety. A character that developed fantastically over the stretch of 3 seasons, Alicia Sierra from Money Heist, is someone we will definitely like to see more of, maybe on a spinoff?

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