Can You Expect Money Heist Season 6? When and How the Story Can Continue?

Can You Expect Money Heist Season 6? When and How the Story Can Continue?

The epic journey of Money Heist finally ended yesterday, as the last episodes of season 5 were released on Netflix. It was honestly an emotional rollercoaster for each one of us; I never thought that I will ever cry for a bunch of robbers, but I did. With the end of something, we always expect an initiation for something new, so it’s time to ask the proper questions, When will we have Money Heist season 6? and what will it be about?

The fans of this Spanish heist drama have been nothing but patient with it. I mean, we waited for 3 months to watch the second half of the season that will conclude the whole show. Yes, Netflix confirmed that there will be no further installments in this shows course, but as Palermo and Rio say, “you need to have some positive attitude.” So, we along with you are hoping to get an answer to our question; When will we have Money Heist season 6.

Money Heist Season 6 plot

While we know that there will be no new season of the show, there are still a few questions we want to know answers for. So, we have some ideas about what do we want or what we think should be in Money Heist Season 6. First things first, what does the gang do after they have left the country and found the gold in Portugal? Yes, they amazingly smuggled out of Spain, but we definitely want to see what each of the members did after that. Did The Professor and Libon go back to Philipines? Where did Rio go, now that he doesn’t have Tokyo with him? We all want to know about that.

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We also are curious about what happened to the dynamic between Helsinki and Palermo? There clearly was something between those two. Manila is yet another character that fascinates us. We will definitely love to see her adventures and, to be honest, we will love to see her friendship with Denver. And last but not the least, the woman who saved the gang, Alicia Sierra. She is one character that intrigues us the most. We will give anything to see Victoria grow up.

Money Heist Season 6 release date

As much as we want to tell you about season 6 of this Netflix Original, it breaks our heart to tell you we will never get one. La Casa de Papel Season is the ultimate end of the journey. Though we will get some more shows related to Money Heist soon.

Money Heist Spinoffs

One of the best ways to continue with the success of a show is to have spinoffs, and Money Heist will do exactly that. Netflix confirmed a Korean version of the show, along with a spinoff series centered on the beloved character of Berlin. We might even get more spinoffs about more characters in the show. You definitely want to see how the mastermind Professor was created, don’t you?

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