Miu Miu’s Spring Collection Is as Fresh as It Gets With These Bridgerton, Riverdale and Sex Education Stars in the Front Seat

Miu Miu’s Spring Collection Is as Fresh as It Gets With These Bridgerton, Riverdale and Sex Education Stars in the Front Seat

Gone are the days when the coming of spring brings only flowers and sunny days. In modern times, one does not equate this season only with warmth. Spring now means new fashion trends and the unveiling of designer collections from renowned fashion houses. At the recent Miu Miu showing the brand’s spring collection in classic Prada style, fans saw their favorite stars from Bridgerton, Riverdale, and Sex Education.

Miu Miu: preppy clothing but make it high fashion

If there is one thing that the average person doesn’t like about high fashion brands, it is that they are either super experimental or entirely generic. Finding a wearable middle ground for one’s everyday needs is not desired by many, even if they can afford it.

A designer who has gone out of the traditional way to express herself fully is Miuccia Prada. While her work isn’t entirely practical, it certainly is a refreshing change from all the neutrals. A member of the esteemed Prada family, Miuccia knew she couldn’t express her work as fully while working for her grandfather’s firm as she could on her own. And so, the world saw the beginning of another high fashion brand that was here to stay. Miu Miu is currently a sister company of Prada with Miuccia handling both. The recent event unfurling the intentionally skimpy and unconventional clothing at Miu Miu was quite the star-studded event.

Which Bridgerton star was present at the event? Who are the others?

We did not elaborate on the eccentricity of Miu Miu for naught. This Italian fashion known is known for being quirky. Hence, the guests invited to this event played characters that just represent the taste of the Miuccia Prada.

Daphne, Cheryl, and Mimi certainly are the pretty girls of the shows. But, they represent the vibe that fashion houses like Dior and YSL exude. For Miu Miu, it was the mysterious lady of the Netflix series Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington/Lady Whistledown) that measures up to the name. Actresses from other Netflix Originals included Aimee Lou Wood (Aimee Gibbs from Sex Education) and Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge from Riverdale). Here are pictures of the actresses looking as radiant as ever, perfectly embodying the spring vibe in the most organic Miu Miu fashion.

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What with the upcoming events and fests for the spring arrivals of fashion designers’ creations, don’t forget to stream Bridgerton on Netflix on March 25!

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