Bridgerton Books vs Series: What Scenes From the Book Are in Season 2 Trailer?

Bridgerton Books vs Series: What Scenes From the Book Are in Season 2 Trailer?

The Bridgerton season 2 trailer was out on March 9, 2022. While it shows only glimpses of the characters and the upcoming season’s plot, fans of the series who have read the books know how much more there is to it. Here’s one such scene we saw in the trailer that is very momentous in the books.

As all fans of the series know very well, Bridgerton season 2 is going to focus on Anthony’s life. With Daphne all settled in her happy marriage with the Duke, it is now Anthony’s turn to make his name in the debutante season. The girl that catches Anthony’s eyes is Edwina Sharma. But, there is a tiny little bump on that road that could potentially change the entire course of this season of the Netflix Original. This bump is called Kate Sharma, who is Edwina’s sister.

What is this pivotal scene from the Bridgerton books in the season 2 trailer?

In order to pursue Edwina, a suitor will have to “tame” her sister. Just as expected, the two do not get off on the right foot. But this changes during a game of, yes, you guessed it, pall-mall.

Kate was initially wary of Anthony for his reputation as a womanizer. In the books, when Anthony and Edwina together arrive late to the game, Kate suspected the man was treating her poorly. During the game, he tells her that it was because Edwina was taking time to get ready.

The Bridgerton pall-mall

As for the Bridgerton pall-mall, that game really brought things into perspective. Notice how I used the name “Bridgerton pall-mall”? This is because the family has been in another league of playing this game for years. In Bridgerton pall-mall, there is no sportsmanship involved whatsoever. They’re allowed to break rules and cheering each other is absolutely forbidden under any circumstances. Seeing a person who isn’t a Bridgerton flourish in this game would be rather unusual. But viewers know full well by now how Kate is anything but usual.


How Kate stands out

Since the Bridgertons have been playing this game for years, they have personal traditions they follow religiously. One such thing is the belonging of the black mallet, lovingly called the Mallet of Death, to Anthony. However, in the game with the Sharmas, Kate picks up the mallet, and Anthony is left with a pink one. This could indicate how Anthony’s black mallet signifies his closed heart, and the pink symbolizes how he ends up showing his softer side to Kate that he didn’t before. It also shows how similar these two characters are.

Seeing Kate’s natural sportsmanship during the game, Daphne approves of her as Anthony’s partner. While she did not know it wasn’t the older sister that her brother was pursuing, her assumption of those two belonging together certainly says a lot.

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Bridgerton season 2 will be out on Netflix on March 25. Make sure you’re free that day to stream the show!

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