Millie Bobby Brown’s Go-To Movie Has Ryan Gosling and No It’s Not ‘The Gray Man’

Millie Bobby Brown’s Go-To Movie Has Ryan Gosling and No It’s Not ‘The Gray Man’

The young acting sensation Millie Bobby Brown has been ruling the hearts and how. Brown, who stood out with her portrayal of young Alice in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, has come a long way and is now one of the top critically acclaimed actresses in Hollywood. The 18-year-old shot to fame with her character Eleven in Netflix’s science fiction drama, Stranger Things

The youngest on the Time’s 100 Most Influential People list, Millie is a hardcore fan of romantic films. Though she has mostly featured in thriller shows and movies like Stranger Things, Godzilla and Enola Holmes, as a person, the actress is mostly in the romance genre. Sharing her favorite movie of all time, Millie Bobby Brown named a Ryan Gosling starrer and he can not relate anymore to it. 

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Millie Bobby Brown is a fan of this iconic adaptation

Ryan Gosling made a comeback to the big screen after four years with Netflix’s The Gray Man. The 41-year-old flaunted his sheer acting brilliance and is a pleasure to watch in the movie. However, Millie Bobby Brown wasn’t talking about The Gray Man when she revealed her go-to movie. Instead, the actor is a fan of Ryan’s most iconic movie, The Notebook.

While playing 11 questions with InStyle on their YouTube channel, Millie couldn’t stop herself from fangirling over The Notebook. The actor was asked to reveal the name of the movie which she can watch every time it is telecated on TV. To this, the 18-year-old answered, “Probably Mean Girls. Yeah, love Mean Girls. Also, another movie is The Notebook. I love it. I could just watch that every day, all day,”

The young actor is not into DC or Marvel movies

The Notebook is an adaption of Nicholas Sparks’ novel and was a major hit in 2004. The romance drama makes us believe in the not-so-perfect relationships and the power of love. The tender and heart-melting love story between Noah and Allie melted a lot of hearts.

This is not the only time that the Stranger Things actor has spoken about her love for romantic films like The Notebook. While promoting her movie Godzilla vs Kong, Millie Bobby Brown made a shocking revelation about how she hasn’t watched even a single DC or Marvel film.

The actor isn’t also into the Harry Potter world. Since she already acts in big spectacle films, she likes watching dramas like FRIENDS and The Notebook

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Are you also into romantic films like Millie Bobby Brown or are you more inclined towards thrillers like Stranger Things? Do let us know in the comments.

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