“I am happy for them”: While Ryan Gosling Was Unfazed by the Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Smooch, Emma Stone Was in Shock

“I am happy for them”: While Ryan Gosling Was Unfazed by the Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Smooch, Emma Stone Was in Shock

The buzz around celebrities usually accompanies an upcoming release or a bite around their personal lives. However, some actors always manage to stay in the limelight. We are looking at you, Ryan Reynolds. To be fair, we as the audience are equally to blame as we cannot get enough of them. They are lovable; they are goofy, and they are all in all entertaining. Speaking of, how can we leave out yet another Ryan, who is as adorable, if not more? With snaps and clips of Ryan Gosling’s upcoming movie Barbie doing the rounds, it’s hardly a surprise that an old video featuring both the Ryans has resurfaced.

The infamous Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield smooch

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to a simpler time when we had fewer issues on our minds. The year 2017 was all about La La Land. The heart-warming story, the amazing performances, and the mesmerizing songs left a mark so strong that it’s fresh even today. Unsurprisingly, Ryan Gosling took the Golden Globe that year for the best actor in a musical or comedy, defeating the “merc with a mouth“, Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool. 

Don’t we love a Ryan vs Ryan? One can always count on Reynolds to steal the show even when he loses. Ryan grabbed his friend Andrew Garfield and laid a big smooch on his mouth. While the media called it a blink-and-a-miss moment, not much gets passed from eagle-eyed fans and the paparazzi. In the aftermath, all anyone could talk about was the kiss.

When made aware of the lip-lock, The Gray Man star Ryan Gosling took it in all his stride and commented with a gracious, “Well, I’m happy for them.” The bigger surprise came for Emma Stone, who was in an utter state of disbelief. When ET’s Kevin Frazier showed her the clip backstage, her initial surprise transitioned into a fit of giggles after a curious, “They did notThey did?

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We don’t know anyone other than Ryan Reynolds who could pull such a stunt and still be adored for it. Give us your two cents about the hilarious Ryan Reynolds. And until we see him in something new, re-watching The Adam Project and Red Notice streaming on Netflix should keep us at bay.

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