Millie Bobby Brown Takes Fans on a Behind the Scenes Journey of ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Millie Bobby Brown Takes Fans on a Behind the Scenes Journey of ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Enola Holmes 2 premiered on Netflix on November 4 and became the most-watched title on the streaming giant in less than a week. Fans loved the engaging performance of Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Louis Partridge. The teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes takes on a challenging case to prove herself as a detective. Indeed, she did achieve her goal in this frolicking ride of adventure, mystery, and feminism.

As viewers see this clever girl take a disguise, follow people, solve riddles, and even learn to dance so that she can find Sarah Chapman. Whereas the most intriguing part of the storyline is when Enola and Tewkesbury confess their love. However, fans who are still not over this impeccable story can get to watch all the fun moments that cast members experienced while shooting this film.

Millie Bobby Brown takes fans on a behind-the-scenes ride of Enola Holmes 2 

In a recent video shared on social media, Millie Bobby Brown gives fans sneak peeks at the making of her new movie. The British actress welcomes fans to the scene where she filmed the drainpipe scene running from the police. She was attached to wires for safety while climbing the corner, as stated by the actress in the video.

“There’s always a sense of nervousness going up that high and acting and not really focusing what you are doing,” said Brown.

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The video also featured Louis Partridge, who made Brown laugh during the shoot of the final scene of the film. She even described the whole scene and decorated street when they walked off into the beautiful sunset.

Moving forward, we get to see the blooper shots of Sherlock and Enola when they bump into each other in the matchstick factory. In addition, we also get the glimpse of all cute Millie Bobby Brown moments as she poses, laughs, and talks with the team.

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It is lovely to see how the Stranger Things star always brings happiness and fun to her workplace. Have you watched Enola Holmes 2? If not, you can stream it right away only on Netflix and don’t forget to tell us your views in the comment section.

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