Matchgirls’ Strike: The True Story Behind Millie Bobby Brown Starrer ‘Enola Holmes 2’, Who Was Sarah Chapman?

Matchgirls’ Strike: The True Story Behind Millie Bobby Brown Starrer ‘Enola Holmes 2’, Who Was Sarah Chapman?

London has become the city of suspects, and deadly secrets are hidden behind big doors and names. But Enola Holmes is determined to unmask every single person who is involved in this mystery of the Matchstick factory. Millie Bobby Brown, who is playing the young detective role, does not want to miss any chance of proving herself. The moment she is about to give up on this career, a little girl appears at her door.

Well, she takes the challenge to find Bessie’s sister, but this case doesn’t seem like any normal missing case. Most interestingly, the siblings soon realize their cases are connected and they will have to work together. But do you know the true story behind this detective plot of Enola Holmes 2? Who was Sarah Chapman? SPOILERS ALERTS!

Millie Bobby Brown dives into a historical event of London with Enola Holmes 2 

Enola Holmes 2 begins with Millie Bobby Brown getting her first case, which is full of mysteries and disguises. Viewers are told that a girl named Sarah Chapman is missing, and she has stolen some information from her workplace.

The story is blended with real history shown through the eyes of this girl detective. As the story unfolds, it is revealed Sarah possessed evidence that tells phosphorus used to make matchsticks is killing workers in the factory.

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However, the owners hid this truth from people for their benefit. Chapman, who has been hiding from her former, comes out in the end. Unfortunately, the evidence is destroyed, but Sarah decides to save women from this deadly place that has already killed many others. She goes to the factory and calls a strike against the use of phosphorus.

The Matchgirl’s strike was a real event that took place in 1888

The Matchgirl’s Strike is a historical event that took place in London in 1888, which included Sarah Chapman as a key member. The strike started when the owner, Bryant & May, started pressurizing the female workers of the factory. In reality, the case was not just about phosphorus but also the poor working conditions.

It was a big sacrifice in exchange of four shillings a week, which wasn’t even enough to feed them. So, Sarah Chapman and other leading women decided to expose the owners that the chemical cause bone cancer. According to Screenrant, it is believed that the girl was later elected as one of the 12 delegates to speak in the House of Commons.

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