Millie Bobby Brown Set to “Secretly” Join Disney for a 12 Million Euros Star Wars Project, Following Stranger Things’ Success

Millie Bobby Brown Set to “Secretly” Join Disney for a 12 Million Euros Star Wars Project, Following Stranger Things’ Success

When one becomes a big star and has a huge fanbase, it is a little easy for one to explore something new. Our favorite Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown, has had the advantage of her popularity from the show. Millie’s respect for that person and the brand she represents has likely to have earned her a secret project.

Millie Bobby Brown in a secret project with Disney?

The next step after the huge success of the Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown seems ready to fly off somewhere far. She might be secretly planning something big for her future, which might make her more money than now.

Reportedly, Millie, the Star Wars fan, and the Disney executives have had secret talks. She has the advantage of her and her father, Robert, having good terms with the executive head Kathleen Kennedy. Although the actor earns around some million euros for an episode for this series on Netflix; Millie could earn 15 times more for a Star Wars flick.

Brown has a great influence over the young generations all over the world. Her market value is 12 million euros. As the source shows, Brown is “on Disney’s radar for the new Star Wars projects.” Millie has contact with Kathleen. And the executive very well knows Millie wants to play a lead role in the new television project that Disney Plus is planning.

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Though the communications are yet not official, they both have huge respect for one another. The Disney executives understand the influence Millie has over the youth. She is an icon for the 10-30-years-old audience. This significant power of Millie makes her the strongest choice for the project.

However, the right connections can benefit you. As Millie has the connection and a nice bond with Kathleen, she wouldn’t have to audition for the part. “She has the gravitas to hold down the lead for that universe,” as per the source.

If it is true that Millie Bobby Brown is going to be on Star Wars projects, the fans will be more than happy to have her on-screen.

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