Millie Bobby Brown Once Went Through a “year of healing” Due to ‘Public Humiliation’ by a TikTok Star

Millie Bobby Brown Once Went Through a “year of healing” Due to ‘Public Humiliation’ by a TikTok Star

Millie Bobby Brown, as we all know, has become a household name over the past few years. Ever since her role in Netflix’s sci-fi show Stranger Things, Brown’s popularity has skyrocketed. Owing to the massive fan following she enjoys, the actress is always in the limelight. However, with such a great level of fame and stardom, comes a lot of hate and criticism as well.

Time and again, the Stranger Things breakout has to go through millions of people trolling her online. A few years ago, Brown became subject to massive public humiliation because of a TikTok creator. However, it did not hold back Brown as the actress previously opened up about how the situation empowered her.

How being trolled by a TikTok creator empowered Millie Bobby Brown

Back in 2020, the rumors of Millie Bobby Brown dating a TikTok personality Hunter Ecimovic spread online like wildfire. In the August 2022 interview with Allure, Brown opened up about her relationship with Ecimovic, calling it unhealthy and that she had to walk out of it. The couple called it quits in 2021. However, later that summer, Ecimovic went on to make several insensitive and harmful claims about his relationship with the actress. The TikTok sensation even went on to claim that he “groomed” Brown. But, instead of giving in to the humiliation, the actress used the situation as a stepping stone.

During her interview, the Enola Holmes star revealed, “It was a year of healing.” Brown further admitted how initially she felt powerless and out of control. However, the actress added that walking away from the unhealthy relationship made her feel very empowered. It was during the same time that Brown was filming for the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Interestingly, the actress revealed how no one on the set knew what Brown was going through at the time. She used all the intense emotions she was feeling as fuel and put them into her character Eleven’s performance. And undoubtedly, it seemed to work for Brown, as the fourth season took the world by storm.

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Meanwhile, after stepping away from an unhealthy relationship, Brown added that she wants to inspire young girls so that they do not get caught in similar situations.

What is the actresses’ current relationship situation?

As of late, Brown has been happily dating Jake Bongiovi for over a year now. The couple first made their relationship official after celebrating Brown’s eighteenth birthday together and have been going strong ever since. Apart from inspiring young girls to deal with toxic situations, Brown continues to give couples goals with her boyfriend as well.

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