Millie Bobby Brown Is off Stage as the ‘Electric State’ Production Paused for THIS Shocking and Sad Reason

Millie Bobby Brown Is off Stage as the ‘Electric State’ Production Paused for THIS Shocking and Sad Reason

Enola Holmes 2 star Millie Bobby Brown was cast in the most anticipated adaptation of Simon Stålenhag’s graphic novel. The Electric State revolves around the main character named Michelle played by the teen star. The story takes place in a reimagined version of 1997 where humans are locked in their VR helmets. While they are in a constant battle with a bizarre breed of monstrous drones.

On the other hand, Michelle heads West across America with her robot in search of her missing brother. Fans might have gotten a glimpse of Millie walking with Chris Pratt on the set in Georgia. As they were wearing these cool 90s costumes and holding fake gadgets. Unfortunately, the bad news here is that Brown is off stage as production paused for this shocking and sad reason. 

Millie Bobby Brown paused The Electric State shoot after an unfortunate event

According to the reports given by Deadline, the shooting of The Electric State was halted on November 4. As we all know Millie Bobby Brown went for filming this movie in Georgia. However, they have to stop shooting because a crew member died on Friday in a car accident.

“Production was paused today, and cast and crew were offered counseling resources,” revealed the source.

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Moreover, the source told the streamer that the accident took place “after working hours”. But they did not share any other detail or the name of the crew member. As for now, only this can be said that it was the right thing to do.

Apart from Millie Bobby Brown and Chris Pratt, the cast members include Stanley Tucci and Ke Huy Quan. Meanwhile, Enola Holmes 2 of this megastar is taking over the hearts of viewers as it is currently trending as top 1 on Netflix.

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