Millie Bobby Brown “Embracing the Imperfections” With Her Skincare and Makeup Brand Florence by Mills

Millie Bobby Brown “Embracing the Imperfections” With Her Skincare and Makeup Brand Florence by Mills

Composing natural ingredients in makeup and skincare products has become a popular trend lately. Taking up the idea, Millie Bobby Brown launched her brand Florence by Mills to spearhead change in the beauty industry. Now that dreamed-up business is thriving greatly and ready to shape the future of clean beauty. The young founder of this vegan brand has been regularly promoting newly launched products, from lip balms to hydrating cleansers. You might have come across her Instagram, where she keeps on posting new things. Likewise, the Stranger Things star is once again celebrating the imperfections of skin with Florence by Mills in a new video.

Millie Bobby Brown recently took to Instagram to show her fans all the acne and skin breakouts she has. The young superstar wrote “embracing the imperfections” in the caption as she stood bare face in front of the camera.

In the video, she talked about the rough time she is having with her skin which had many pimples. Then she shared some tips with fans about how to take care of all the not so happy pimples. The 19-year-old took CLEAR THE WAY CLARIFYING MUD MASK and applied it to the spots. This charcoal mask helps in removing the skin impurities while minimizing the pores tells the website description.

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She also used SPOT A SPOT ACNE PATCHES to correct the blemishes that covered her beautiful face. These spot stickers are made of ingredients like peppermint oil, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil to treat the skin quickly and make it smooth.

Fans applaud Millie Bobby Brown for being honest about her skin

It’s no secret that everybody wants to get a clear glass skin like celebrities. While many actors and actresses don’t show their imperfect skin to the public, some like Brown, bravely show it though videos and photos. So, when the Enola Holmes actress put up her latest post, her fans were quick to appreciate her.

One fan jumped in the comment section to praise her saying: “Love how she shows her imperfections like a normal person, bc some people think that famous people don’t have this struggles.”

“Girl do I understand the struggle…stress related acne plus combination skin ugh…but we all got it and it’s all completely normal!,” commented a second fan.

While another added: “Thank you so much for showing us your human side. We love you. Must show us in am the results.❤️”

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