Fan Art Incarnates Millie Bobby Brown as the Stunning X-Men Superhero Kitty Pryde

Fan Art Incarnates Millie Bobby Brown as the Stunning X-Men Superhero Kitty Pryde

Rumors of Millie Bobby Brown stepping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been circulating for years since the young superstar already has a remarkable resume. Beginning with her appearance in the massively popular series Stranger Things, she has made it quite clear why any franchise would like to offer her a role.

At the same time, fans know that MCU is an ever-expanding world of possibilities. So, they like to imagine this talented teenager as one of the beloved superheroes to hype their excitement. Bringing one of those ideas to life, a new fan art depicts Brown as the stunning X-Men heroine.

A digital artist named cap.ironwido on Instagram shared a picture that envisioned Millie Bobby Brown as Marvel’s Kitty Pryde. In this incredible photo, the 19-year-old appears in the iconic X-Men blue and gold armor that the comics often depict.

Moreover, a purple alien dragon sits on her shoulder, who is considered Kitty’s companion. The artist did a great job as the British actress gave us major superhero vibes while increasing her prospect of being cast in Marvel movies.

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Not to mention, Kitty Pryde might be the right option for her, seeing the character’s background. She is young, charismatic, and powerful, something that the Enola Holmes star has plenty of experience with. Also, the Emmy-nominated actor has learned all the fighting skills by starring in the new Netflix project Damsel.

Has Millie Bobby Brown been offered a role in MCU?

Although diehard fans of Brown have been trying their best to open the gates for their beloved actor, there is no confirmation that the Godzilla star will be playing Kitty Pryde or any other superhero in the universe. It was just rumors that started back in 2021 that made people believe she is in negotiation with Marvel Studios.

The speculations stated that Millie Bobby Brown had been offered a long-running project. It happened because the actress teased in an interview that she had a meeting with the franchise.

“I join many conversations. I would only do something that feels right to me, so when that comes along then, then we’ll talk about it,” she told Comicbook.

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