Mike Myers Reveals ‘Batman’ Star Michael Caine’s Admiration for Beyonce and How He Mispronunced Her Name: “Uh, Beyons”

Mike Myers Reveals ‘Batman’ Star Michael Caine’s Admiration for Beyonce and How He Mispronunced Her Name: “Uh, Beyons”

Comedy legend Mike Myers was missing from our TV screens for a long time. He finally made a comeback with his new Netflix show The Pentaverate. For the unaware, the man was a mainstay on Saturday Night Live and he had some epic collaborations. In an interview, he shared some of the stories and his experience working with the other legends which also included Beyonce!

Michael Caine just knew that Beyonce “had it”

Mike shared that the diva brought a tremendous amount of glamor and joy on set. But he recalls a particular incident with Batman actor Michael Caine. Caine would often call her name wrong while appreciating her.

Even Michael Caine didn’t know Beyonce’s work–hr would call her, “Uh Beyons” as opposed to Beyonce. He was like, “She’s just got it. She’s just got it, mate”, you know?” Mike said. 

However, Caine never mispronounced Jay-Z wrong. His name remained intact. 

Beyonce wasn’t the only star collaboration. Mike collaborated with Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman as well. He shared that he learned that “comedy acting should be a joyful experience” from Carvey. As for the latter, he compared his precision to that of Peter Stellar’s. According to Mike, Keegan Michael Key, his co-star in The Pentaverate is a powerful precise performer. Both him and Chris Farley “wrestle” with the takes. 

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Mike got SNL’s Louie Zakarian onboard

The Netflix comedy is about a down on luck Canadian journalist, Ken Scarborough who discovers a secret society known as the Pentaverate. The secret society is made up of five powerful figures, who first discovered the real cause behind the Black Plague. Ken finds himself involved in a mission to trace the secret society and its main agenda.

Mike is tackling eight characters in the show, each having their own quirks. To get it right, Mike got SNL’s makeup artist, Louie Zakarian to do his makeup. Makeup artists play a very important role in improving a written character and that’s exactly what Louie did for Mike. Mike didn’t have a character for Mishu until Louie was done with his makeup. 

Stream the show here. 

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