Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III Sets an Historical Record as It Surpasses $100 Million Mark in Collections, and Fans Are Overjoyed by It

Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III Sets an Historical Record as It Surpasses $100 Million Mark in Collections, and Fans Are Overjoyed by It

As cinemagoers stepped into 2023, they viewed Creed III with understandable scepticism. The third installment of the booming franchise has done away with almost everything that its previously successful ventures banked on. What is ultimately a spinoff of the Rocky series would be releasing without any elements from the franchise as Sylvester Stallone bid adieu to the franchise as an actor and took the producer’s seat. Adding more clouds of worry is the fact that this would be Michael B. Jordan’s first time as a director.

Creed III, much like its protagonist, persevered against all odds as it packed in just the right amount of punches to pierce through the viewers’ hearts. Despite opening at the box office on the 3rd of March, Creed III has not only managed to break the records of its predecessors but also set a world record in the sports genre.

Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut ‘Creed III’ makes a box office century much to fans’ joy

When it was announced that Jordan was back to playing Adonis Creed, fans were over the moon. The actor has emerged as one of the youngest Hollywood superstars in recent years with phenomenal performances in Black Panther and Just Mercy, among others. However, things were different this time around because he took the director’s seat.

Despite Creed III being his first directorial venture, Jordan has hit the ball right out of the park as the movie makes history with a $100 million box office collection before wrapping up its first week. This is the first time a movie belonging to the sports genre has achieved this feat.

The issues like conflicting ideologies, the means of survival and the motivation and choice that each individual has in the pursuit of excellence form the crux of Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III.

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Jordan packs in punches not only as his character Adonis but also as a director as he executes the perfect balance between emotional and exciting in the third installment of Creed.

Why you should watch Creed III?

The previous installment of Creed left the shoes a size too large with their impact, and fans are bewildered at how Creed III has managed to fit them. The boxing flick was made at a budget of $75 million and is more than just punches thrown at the boxing ring. Adonis Creed goes fist-to-fist with his childhood best friend, who, albeit unfortunately, made an excellent antagonist for the movie.

While the screenplay is commendable, the man of the match is no doubt Michael B. Jordan. Jordan as Adonis Creed gives us the best of both worlds as he puts his all into every punch in the boxing ring and also excels in showcasing his chops in emotional moments. A special mention must be given to the fight scenes, which Jordan based upon an Anime.

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