“Metal is power” Game of Throne’s Producer’s Dream Project Metal Lords Is Coming to Netflix

“Metal is power” Game of Throne’s Producer’s Dream Project Metal Lords Is Coming to Netflix

The world today revolves mostly around pop and rap music, and it feels like a rather too mellow place. More often than not, we find ourselves craving a bit of decent heavy metal music, to which we can bang our heads. If you are someone who feels that pop music is something that you are bored with now and also needs a break from rap, then we have just the right thing lined up for you. Behold as we present to you Metal Lords, an upcoming movie on Netflix. But what is it that makes this movie so special? Well, let us elaborate.

If we sit down and talk about some of the biggest fans of heavy metal music, the name of a certain D. B. Weiss comes to mind. The Game of Thrones co-creator is in fact a big fan of such music, and now he is ready to show it to the world. He, along with Tom Morello, will present the scripted movie Metal Lords on Netflix. And who better to join the roster as an executive-producer than Rage Against the Machine guitarist? You are probably wondering what exactly this movie is about and who all are in it? Do not worry as we are here to tell you everything there is to know about this Netflix film.

Metal Lords on Netflix: Synopsis

The Netflix Original movie tells the story of two high school-going students who have a mutual love of heavy metal. In a generation that is “more interested in Bieber than Black Sabbath,” these two metalheads team up to form a band in their high school. The duo plans to take part and win the upcoming Battle of the Bands, and their dreams see a light of possibility when a cellist joins their band. Though she solves the problem of bass for the band, her introduction branches into a new set of problems of their own.

Metal Lords was D. B. Weiss’s backup if GOT didn’t make it

Weiss revealed he wrote Metal Lords back in the early 2000s, and it was indeed something that he planned to work on, if and when, Game of Thrones fell apart. It was during that period that he met Greg Shapiro, who serves as the producer for the Netflix film now. “When David and I started working on the Thrones process around 2006, I figured the plan was, if and when Thrones fell apart—which seemed likely— I’ll go and do my metal movie with Greg,” Weiss said.

After a long wait of 13 years, Weiss finally teams up with Greg Shapiro, who in this meantime won an Academy Award for his movie, The Hurt Locker. Along with that, he also produced Zero Dark Thirty and all the Harold and Kumar movies. “We took it to Netflix’s [vice president of independent film] Lisa Nishimura. Lisa worked for Island Records for years and is a serious music person, so she got it right out of the gate.” Weiss revealed.

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Metal Lords on Netflix: cast

Here is the cast list for Netflix’s Metal Lords:

  • Jaeden Martell
  • Isis Hainsworth
  • Adrian Greensmith
  • Phelan Davis
  • Joe Manganiello

Metal Lords Trailer

Check out the trailer for this exciting metal movie here:

We are really excited about this movie arriving on Netflix. Are you?

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