Meghan Markle Once Showered Love at “gal pal” Jessica Mulroney With a Blog Post

Meghan Markle Once Showered Love at “gal pal” Jessica Mulroney With a Blog Post

Meghan Markle to those who didn’t know her before she married Prince Harry seems to have lived two lives. Markle’s social media has been brought into question again and again for reasons ranging from her Suits to Piers Morgan. After going official with Prince Harry, the actress let go of her aesthetically curated Instagram feed and other social media accounts. While she may have let go of her account, she maintained a close bond with her friends on it. Specifically, with Jessica Mulroney.

After becoming a royal, Markle had to let go of tons of friends due to her busy schedule and also the fear of controversies. However, one friend that made the cut for the royal wedding and even the years after following it was Jessica Mulroney. The Duchess of Sussex once dedicated a one-of-a-kind appreciative post for her “gal pal” on her blog ‘The Tig’.

Meghan Markle turned poet for Jessica Mulroney on The Tig

It is not rare, especially in female friendships, to write up loving posts for one another. But not often do we find someone dipping into their poetic side to pen down an applauding extract on their blog. Especially if that someone is Meghan Markle. However, Jessica Mulroney seems to be an exception. In 2015, the Duchess of Sussex drew parallels with her “gal pal” and “Evie from Out of this World“, as she described Mulroney’s ability to stop time on The Tig. The Suits actress had a blog dedicated to all things lifestyle and fashion, and Mulroney’s incredible sense of fashion was often the inspiration is very evident.

Jessica Mulroney and Markle reportedly met on the sets of Suits, and the former is a stylist that has worked with the first lady of Canada, Sophie Trudeau. It is clear how much the friendship meant to Markle who even made a bridesmaid out of Mulroney’s daughter.

What happened to the Sussex’s “gal pal”?

Markle had to leave a lot behind when she moved to the United Kingdom to support her husband in his royal endeavors. And her fans found a sense of comfort in the fact that she and Mulroney were still friends.

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While their friendship fell out of the social media radars, netizens were shocked to see her in the Harry & Meghan docuseries. Perhaps they have chosen to be more private about their friendship.

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