Meghan Markle Makes a Huge Revelation About Planning Her Wedding Alone in the Latest ‘Archetypes’ Episode

Meghan Markle Makes a Huge Revelation About Planning Her Wedding Alone in the Latest ‘Archetypes’ Episode

Meghan Markle had a grand wedding with Prince Harry on May 19th, 2018, at the St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. It was nothing less than a dream with luxurious yet classy floral decorations and who’s who of the royal family and entertainment world in attendance. However, a revelation by the Duchess regarding her wedding preparations in the latest Archetypes episode has taken the internet by storm.

In the 11th episode, Beyond the Archetype: Human, Being with Michaela Jae Rodriguez & Candace Bushnell, Meghan Markle revealed planning her own wedding. However, it was not her royal wedding that the former American actress prepared alone. And no, the Suits alum did not have to plan her first wedding single-handedly in September 2011 with Trevor Engelson. Which wedding preparations is Markle exactly talking about in her podcast? 

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Meghan Markle had an elaborate plan for her wedding at the age of 14

Meghan Markle revealed that while studying at the Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, she was given a project to plan her own wedding. Though the Duchess diligently completed the task, she criticized her Catholic high school for keeping such things as projects. Markle made this revelation while chatting with three girls, who recently passed out from her school, namely Abigail, Diana, and Grace. 

“Can you imagine? That to me was just what we did then, but now, for your generation, you’re thinking what on earth?” Markle said in the podcast.

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Meanwhile, in the third episode of Archetypes with comedian Mindy Kaling, the Duchess of Sussex elaborated on what she planned for her wedding at the age of 14. Markle had made a proper list of the venue, her wedding dress, cake, and decorations. 

In the podcast, Meghan Markle revealed that she wanted to organize the ceremony at the Bel Air Hotel as it had a swan lake. The former actress wished to wear a strapless and glitzy wedding gown while the cake was to be ordered from Hansen’s Bakery. Needless to say that none of Markle’s teenage wishes could come true at any of her weddings. Her first wedding with Engelson was at a beach in Jamaica while she took the plunge with Prince Harry in Windsor Castle. 

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