Meghan Markle Gets Nostalgic on Her Visit To Former High School, Talks About Her ‘locker’ On Podcast

Meghan Markle Gets Nostalgic on Her Visit To Former High School, Talks About Her ‘locker’ On Podcast

Everyone knows the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and her stance on the royal family, the entire fiasco around it, and so on. But before she married the Duke, Prince Harry, the former actress had her own share of ups and downs. She shared all of it the previous day, on the latest episode of Archetypes. Mainly focusing on her schooling, she shared a bunch of memorable stories that mean the world to her. 

As the Duchess revisited her school after ages, she could not help but gush about the countless memories that came back to her on Archetypes. Markle let her guests and the audience take a look back at an important phase of her life, what she refered to as her “formative years”. The level of enthusiasm that this topic bought definitely showed how significant Immaculate Heart was to her. 

Meghan Markle goes down the memory lane of Immaculate Heart

She started off by giving a heads-up to her team, which consisted of Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and Candance Bushnell. “Okay, ready team? This is all very nice and new,” said the Duchess as she took her inmates on a ride. Markle also remarked on how pretty the campus looked, but there was something else that caught all of her attention. It was none other than her locker.

She ran into a spot that used to have her locker. “Oh my gosh. How Funny. My locker was right here,” Markle exclaimed. The Duchess received her education for five significant years from an age of 12 up until she was 17 at Immaculate Heart All-girls Catholic School in Los Angeles.

Markle then further added how her locker was always somewhere smack in the middle. Having visited such an unforgettable place years after, she found it a bit difficult to differentiate between the lockers. As she affirmed, the high school Lockers were placed entirely in a different place than the Middle school ones. She had made a surprise visit to the institute. Recalling the same, she confessed she was content to be back there, as it was all so fun. Markle had reportedly bumped into some young players who were busy with their volleyball practices. 

Each and every memory associated with the Immaculate Heart is vividly imprinted on the Duchess’s mind. From the energy, with which she shared her stories, one could figure out that Immaculate Heart will always have a special corner of the Duchess of Sussex.

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