“Courage to take on the Royal Family’s ‘power structure’”:- Kerry Kennedy On Rewarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle With The Ripple of Hope Awards

“Courage to take on the Royal Family’s ‘power structure’”:- Kerry Kennedy On Rewarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle With The Ripple of Hope Awards

Although there have been far more disparaging remarks about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their righteousness and self-virtues have stood the test of time. Ever since the infamous Megxit that marked their renunciation from the Palace’s ways, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have constantly put a bold front despite all ramifications. Their selfless service for the betterment of people has finally been recognized. 

The Times recently published that a longtime legitimate foundation will bestow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with an honorable award. Apart from participating in various significant philanthropic commitments, the Duke and the Duchess have also left their mark on the oldest institution in UK history. Seems like the society that once was filled with all abhorrence for the couple has now finally had a change of heart. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to receive the Ripple of Hope Award

Kerry Kennedy, 83, is hosting The New York Gala 2022. She has reportedly said that the Duke and his Duchess would get awarded for having the “courage to take on the Royal Family’s ‘power structure’”. At the event, with immense pride and honor, the Robert F Kennedy Foundation will bestow the couple with the Ripple of Hope Awards. The award ceremony is to take place on the 6th of December, 2022. It is owing to the well-established fact that they have one among a few exemplary leaders with an unwavering commitment to social change. 

The lawyer also put forward the reason behind handing the self-exiled couple such an honorable mention. That said, she stated how they straight-up condemned the oldest UK building, presumably the Palace. This came after their admission to certain infamous practices in the Royal Family in the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

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They put a bold unflinching step and pointed out that what they were doing by misunderstanding mental health and encouraging structural racism was wrong. 

The human rights activist also explained how challenging it has been for the dynamic duo to take such a step. She made us aware of how the move had escalated a dangerous risk regarding their family, job, and social status. Moreover, it also risked their already strained ties with the Royal Family. That said, it reportedly rubbed some fresh salt on an old wound. However, they did it anyway. They believed they could not face themselves if they didn’t question authority. 

Even after the prolonged explanation, some Royal Experts have taken their subtle jibes at the couple. While some found it unnecessary, others commented that it was ridiculous. 

What is your take on the matter? Do you think they should award The Duke and the Duchess with such a coveted title?

One thought on ““Courage to take on the Royal Family’s ‘power structure’”:- Kerry Kennedy On Rewarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle With The Ripple of Hope Awards

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    Sherri Fountain
    November 22, 2022 at 9:03 am

    What is Right is Right , The truth is never Wrong. People try walking a mile in there shoes. People make up their opinions on the storys they read or the opinions of other people. You dont know them personally or know the things that they go through . The truth of their day to day lives. Not storys made up or exaggerated things u read. How would u feel having everything u do plastered for the world to see n read. Good or bad. Made up or truth and you just have to take it and keep quiet. Cant say this is a lie or it didnt happen this way. How would that affect your own mental health. Look what Princess Diana went thru and that the worlds obsession and intrusion killed her. Harry’s love for his wife to not want to loose her the same way and him protecting her no matter the cost is truly the most brave and loving thing a True Man and husband could do . He couldn’t protect his mother being a child. How helpless n heartbroken he must have felt and he wasnt going to let it happen to his wife or himself or their children. This is love . so peoples comments there whinning or because hes had a silverspoon are just ignorant or jealous opinions . not truths or facts so keep them to yourselves they dont matter. Stop the double standard crap as well. So Megan was married before. So was the King and Camilla. Both divorcees. Both had extra marital affairs and there are so many not proper things that they have done and hurt people and lied. This is the King and Queen consort. The King whom is holding his grandchildrens birth right titles on hold -pending the release of Prince Harry’s book. A book titled Spare. How he felt n the things he went through growing up. His truths and facts and his father the king is possibly not giving his grandchildren their birthright titles because of what Harry might say about him n his wife in his book that might make them look bad.. Well they did alot of bad things that hurt him , his mum and brother. Truths that could cost all of them . himself, Megan and his children a whole lot. The King shouldn’t have double standards period, and especially with his own family. What kind of leader will he be for his country being a man who bends things do to how it makes him look and to his own family. These are just a few things his people and his country should really be looking at and addressing. What else does the King have double standards for???? The Truth is never wrong. The lies or doublestandards are. Dont ever stop telling the truth Harry. God is watching you and is proud as your Almighty father. Nothing else matters more then this. The truth will set u free…your mum is so proud of you. So keep being true to you. Everybody else’s opinion dont matter. If you , megan and your children are honest, caring, do the best you can to help people , animals and the earth . Be mentors , then you are walking the path of whats right and good and just as god has intended for us to be. Be proud of yourselves n be happy .
    Thank you. This is my opinion and thoughts on the facts and truths and what is Right.

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