Meghan Markle Finds Herself in Controversy Over a Single ‘Expensive’ Frame in ‘Harry & Meghan’ Teaser

Meghan Markle Finds Herself in Controversy Over a Single ‘Expensive’ Frame in ‘Harry & Meghan’ Teaser

Peace has become a luxury ever since Netflix dropped the teaser for Harry & Meghan documentary. The teaser of the series seems to be in sync with the Opera interview that the couple gave after exiting the Royal family. Similar to how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex came out to speak their truth in front of Oprah and gave fans some never-heard-before intel of what goes on in the Royal family, Prince Harry can be seen saying “no one knows what goes behind closed doors” in the short teaser.

While the Harry & Meghan teaser is just one minute long and mostly consists of black and white images with voiceover, Netflix definitely knew what it was doing when they picked those images. Placing an image of Meghan Markle crying into her hand right before the controversial moment when the Sussexes sat behind the Royal family at Westminster Abbey in 2019 is surely not a coincidence. While it is definitely bewildering to see how a 60-second clip has managed to create such turmoil, one image from the teaser, in particular, takes home the cake for being the most chaotic or controversial, depending on whatever icing you prefer.

Hermes blanket makes special appearance in Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary

In a shocking turn of events, Harry and Meghan have been dethroned (all pun intended). No, we are not talking about the royal decree but about the teaser of their highly anticipated Netflix documentary. In the short teaser where the couple retaliates by taking their story into their own hands, a luxurious blanket worth $3000 has become the star. While the teaser has caused the controversy that it was intended to cause, the picture of Meghan Markle crying, which was of course placed in an attempt to highlight her distress, has received backlash.

Given how the Royals are in the news one way or another, it is easy to forget that we are talking about a family that spends billions on an annual basis.

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And the image of Markle crying on a Hermes blanket just chills in the background was definitely a very sour pill to swallow, especially as the ordinary citizen is struggling with inflation in the economy.

If Twitter was outpouring with love and support when the couple came out to express the racism and discrimination they had faced, it also did not hold back in pointing out the “ungratefulness.” The couple has also received backlash for their public attempt and privacy. Releasing the trailer right when the Cambridges are headed for their US tour also garnered some heat.

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2 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Finds Herself in Controversy Over a Single ‘Expensive’ Frame in ‘Harry & Meghan’ Teaser

  1. Reply
    December 4, 2022 at 5:30 pm

    Wish they’d just go away. Who cares about her. It’s all about her and money

  2. Reply
    Lone Wolf
    December 8, 2022 at 1:25 pm

    1. Meghan never claimed to be a person of color until she hooked up with Oprah my Black mil NEVER liked Oprah said she was a hypocrite felt that way until she died at 98.
    2. Harry was always Diana’s disappointment. Harry you were stripped of your military right you are branded our US military doesn’t need your salute!
    3. The UK does not want you two nor does the US. GET OUT and go to some deserted island and live!

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