“Her bullying and her oppression…” Tom Bower Calls Out Meghan Markle Yet Again For Being Ambitious and Successful

“Her bullying and her oppression…” Tom Bower Calls Out Meghan Markle Yet Again For Being Ambitious and Successful

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a spectrum of events lined up before them to take care of. Starting from the end of November this year, to all the way until the fall of 2023, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have many endeavors to achieve. However, with success comes an equal proportion of hatred, especially when you are a highlighted Ex-Royal member. Proving the same, adversaries of the self-exiled couple have lined up their trenchant criticism and backlashes targeted at the Sussexes. 

Royal critics have created a new wave of harassment online targeted mainly at the Duchess. After having launched a blistering attack on Meghan Markle last month, royal biographer, Tom Bower is back with his outrageous opinions for the Duchess. Speaking of her ambitious spirit and optimistic perspectives, Bower had to add some more to her remarks against Markle. Seems like, Markle can never do enough to stand up to the expectations of her critics. 

Mr. Bower brands Meghan Markle as intelligent yet fearful

In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain, Tom Bower elaborated on how Meghan Markle has been profiting from the royal tag. However, what made the most headlines from the intense conversation was his labeling Markle as a “Bully” and “Oppressor”. The Revenge author started by saying that Meghan Markle is an “impression of a woman who is very intelligent, very determined, very ambitious but also, ruthless“. The author, like many commentators before left it for the reader to speculate whether Markle is good or bad, as many find it difficult to understand their actions. 

Mr. Bower claimed that his witnesses have opened his eyes exposing “her bullying and her oppression” before him. He revealed how two agents have been updating him about Markle’s works and ambitions. He further went on to raise questions about Markle’s success stating that she was fearful and has always mistreated royal aids. This resurfaced confession came right after a Vanity Fair interview revelations. A journalist of the said magazine has reportedly affirmed he was “appalled by the nature of Meghan”. 

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Previously, Mr. Bower had created a huge stir among the audience of the same news network raising his objections about Harry and Meghan trading their royal titles. He had also claimed that the Sussexes should be stripped of their remnant of Royal patronages and titles for their deeds. 

What is your take on the matter?

One thought on ““Her bullying and her oppression…” Tom Bower Calls Out Meghan Markle Yet Again For Being Ambitious and Successful

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    Dani E Danguilan
    December 5, 2022 at 8:24 am

    I think when you have people working for you, and you expect them to follow protocols about your job, for some it may sound bullying. Just like you work in the office and your supervisor calls you about an incident or a work that resulted in a wrong way. Then you come out of the meeting infuriates and calling your boss “Bitch”…that’s what bullying meant for some lazy workers

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