Meghan Markle Discusses How Women’s Sexuality is ‘used against’ Them In New Archetypes Episode

Meghan Markle Discusses How Women’s Sexuality is ‘used against’ Them In New Archetypes Episode

Every week, with Tuesdays, comes the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s refreshing length of the podcast. Ever since she started off with her first Archetypes episode in August, it has become a new source of information and awakenings. Once again, the previous day, Meghan Markle showered us with some intellectual discussions about freedom and fulfillment. She also had some strong remarks to carry forward her legacy of voicing sensitive matters. 

Eminent figures like Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and Candance Bushnell accompanied the Duchess on her exploration. In the course of the session, the figures came across some topics, such as women’s basic right to sexuality. Markle advocated how society tags women with demeaning remarks and labels for manifesting something as fundamental as one’s own identity.

Meghan Markle breaks the stereotypes attached to women’s sexuality

Pointing out the double standards set by societal conventions for women, Markle talked about how they are often “vilified”. However, on the other hand, when a man does the same, society glorifies it. “I don’t understand what the stigma surrounding women and their sexuality is,” Markle said. The Duchess then explained how the stereotypical and orthodox conventions sometimes use our sexuality against our own. 

According to Markle, as young women grow older, they are exposed to more opportunities to navigate themselves. Alas, society does not accept it with open arms. On one hand, it is rigidly intolerant of women shaping themselves. However, on the other, it celebrates as a man flaunts the extensive experience of his sex life. Men are “heralded” for having fun, without having achieved anything. Whereas, for the opposite gender, even if one is a successful businesswoman in her mid-50s, Markle said, “someone will still go, ‘But she was a slut in college“. 

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The above-mentioned stigmas related to women might feel similar as in the recent past, Markle herself was a victim of it. Social media users, especially Twitterattis Bashed the Duchess for the revelations she made on a previous podcast with Paris Hilton. The former American actress had revealed how working on the sets of Deal or No Deal reduced her to a ‘Bimbo‘. However, years later when she is now a Duchess successfully providing for her family, the societal stigmas still have not spared her the indignation. 

What do you think about Markle’s statements? Are you in accord with the Duchess?

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