Meghan Markle Accused of Not Interviewing the Guests Herself in Her Spotify Podcast Archetypes

Meghan Markle Accused of Not Interviewing the Guests Herself in Her Spotify Podcast Archetypes

Meghan Markle is doing a fabulous job as a podcaster with her first Spotify podcast Archetypes. The podcast is ruling the charts within three months of its release as it also gained a nomination as the Best Pop Podcast 2022 by the People’s Choice Awards. However, time and again, the Spotify show has also made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Often the Duchess of Sussex has been slammed for talking about her Palace past in Archetypes. A lot of royal experts and monarchists have slammed Meghan Markle for continuously making references to the royal family to gain more viewership and fame. This time around, the podcast has come under fire for the accusations of Markle not interviewing her guests herself. The allegations were made after an Instagram post by the writer Allison Yarrow went viral on social media.

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Meghan Markle did not speak to Allison Yarrow in her podcast 

In the ten episodes of Archetypes so far, Meghan Markle has had conversations with a lot of A-list celebrities, including Serena Williams, Deepika Padukone, Jameela Jamil, Victoria Jackson, Sophie George Trudeau, Margaret Cho, and many others. However, apart from the main celebrity guests, the podcast also has contributions from writers, authors, and experts. Allison Yarrow also made a small appearance in Markle’s podcast in the ninth episode titled “To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’ ”. 

Though the episode was released last week, Yarrow shared a post regarding it way back in August. In the Instagram post, she thanked Farrah Safari for being a wonderful host on the show. Yarrow’s caption has resulted in the speculations that Markle does not talk to the experts and authors herself and their comments are perfectly edited and woven into the episodes

Notably, it was just a few days back that Yarrow’s other Instagram post caused trouble for Meghan Markle. The writer shared a handwritten note by Markle. The letter became the talking point as the former American actress used a small crown as a cipher on the top of M. The Duchess was extensively slammed for still cashing on her royal title. 

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