“It gives her prestige” – Royal Expert Slams Meghan Markle for Using Crown Cypher

“It gives her prestige” – Royal Expert Slams Meghan Markle for Using Crown Cypher

Meghan Markle again finds herself in a trouble as her hand-written letter to the author Allison Yarrow has gone viral. Yarrow appeared in the ninth episode of the Archetypes podcast, To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’? with Mellody Hobson and Victoria Jackson. The episode saw Markle discussing the difficult label and how it gaslights the strong women.

Following the release of the episode, Yarrow shared a picture of the letter Meghan Markle has written to her for her contribution. It is a sweet note and a warm gesture by the Duchess of Sussex. However, what caught the attention of the people was the monogram used by the former American actress. In the letter, Markle has added M with the crown on the top as the cypher. Royal biographer Angela Levin seemed extremely pissed with the Suits alum for using the crown cypher

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Angela Levin questions the intentions of Meghan Markle

The royal expert slammed Meghan Markle for coming across as a double-faced personality. Levin believes that there is no point in the former actress using the crown in her monogram as the Sussexes stepped down as working royals over two years back. The biographer added that Markle wants to hang it between and do as she pleases. 

Levin demanded strict action from the Palace, since the Duchess can no longer use the crown cypher. Reflecting on Markle’s intentions, the royal expert stated that the Sussex royal is clinging to the titles as it is giving her prestige and fame in society. Being associated with the royal family helps Meghan Markle in getting more attention globally

“People think more highly of her if she’s got the title. I think it’s related to being around celebrities, wealthy people, lots of work more money. It’s just to show off really,” Levin concluded while talking to The Sun. 

This comes after the recent remarks on Meghan and Harry’s “bad choices” when it comes to their exit and how the couple are bad influences on each other. Despite all the comments, the couple continue to lead their lives as they see fit.

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What do you think about Markle’s decision to use the crown on top of her initial? Drop your views in the comments below. 

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