Meghan and Harry Have Lost the Signature British ‘stiff upper lip’?

Meghan and Harry Have Lost the Signature British ‘stiff upper lip’?

The Royal family of England is a spectacle of intrigue for most around the globe. Therefore, when a couple like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who are so close to the Crown decides to break off all ties with the Royal family and also leave the comfort of the castle on the basis of the royal family mistreating them and even being racist, everyone has their eyes glued. Not only because it is very rare for someone to walk out but also because the royals keep the stiff-upper-lip attitude very close to their hearts.

In case you are a tad bit confused, the stiff upper lip is a recurring term used for the royal family because of their unspoken policy of no complaints and no explanations. None of the above conditions seems to be embedded in even a single morsel of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, especially after the two decided to sign a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix to sell out their royal experience. Or at least a part of the Internet thinks so.

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Have Harry and Meghan lost their royal blood?

The only other thing that had as polarizing of reactions as Harry and Meghan was probably the color-changing dress that everyone was obsessed with back in 2015. Similar to how a massive group of adult individuals can scream at Meghan Markle, accuse her of ruining the royal family, and in the most extreme cases want her to be “paraded naked through the streets of every town in Britain“, many people bet all their money on the dress being blue and black.

On the other hand, akin to how many sympathize with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and believe their claims of the Royal family being racist, many strongly believed that the dress was white and golden. And much like how the polarizing debate boiled down to “color perception,” the debate surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also boils down to what and why one finds them important.

Many are mad at the couple for breaking the perception of the Royal family being perfect and happy while others love the ‘royal drama’ and the 49.1 million views on the Oprah interview fall-proof of that. Therefore, even if the Sussexes have lost the signature stiff upper lip, they will probably find it again in their 15 million dollar mansion in Montecito.

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