“Little to no PR” : Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Failing To Make Fortune Out of Their ‘Sussex’ Brand?

“Little to no PR” : Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Failing To Make Fortune Out of Their ‘Sussex’ Brand?

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped into the industry, yeh internet has never been the same. The Netflix bombshell docuseries, although a huge success, found itself on the receiving end of blatant criticism. Many Royal Experts took their respective potshots at the estranged couple for their alleged defamation of the Royal Family. Lately, their second multi-million dollar project with Netflix has also been a topic of discussion. 

The steamer has stayed true to its business ties. However, the upcoming series is not linked to any of the Sussexes personal life stories. Netflix took to Twitter to announce the Premiere of the newly launched series. Entitled, Live to Lead the series is an inspiration sourced from the great South African anti-apartheid activist who in his era, served as the first president of the nation.

Live to Lead by Harry and Meghan did not cross the top 100 list

The Nelson Mandela-inspired series, however, stood shy of its predecessor and faded away within a few weeks after release. While the Harry & Megan docuseries broke Netflix’s Documentary viewership record, the Live to Lead has hardly been appreciated by anyone. Owing to the same, an American PR expert has talked about the further expectations of the series. The expert took to Twitter to explain how the show has an insignificant amount of press coverage and promotion as compared to the bombshell docuseries before it. 

However, it also came as an unusual fact for the Sussexes that Live to Lead did not reach heights despite having legitimate world-renowned personalities featured in various scenes. The expert weighed on the same saying that although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle managed their “strategy to pull people in personal dramathey will not make any room for philanthropy. And their second Netflix deal preaches just that. 

Adding to her data, the anonymous expert also claimed that it has “little to no PR. Without a strategic release with no gossip to drive the viewers, it could not be a successful project. With all these factors lagging behind, the show did not even make it to the top 100 TV shows while Harry & Meghan stayed as Top 3 for weeks on end. She further added how it feels like a “throwaway project to fulfill the contract“. Hence, the gist of the matter still remains the same. It proves that their royal title, Sussexes alone will not fetch them the success the Duke and the Duchess are looking for. 

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