Remember the Boy Who Plays Radical Ed – Eden Perkins Talks About Her Character in Live-Action Cowboy Bebop

Remember the Boy Who Plays Radical Ed – Eden Perkins Talks About Her Character in Live-Action Cowboy Bebop

Of all the things the Cowboy Bebop live-action series could achieve. But it only did one, i.e. keeping the casting of Radical Ed a secret. While Cowboy Bebop, the anime, doesn’t feature the skillful hacker in all of its episodes, as it is a supporting character. But the character leaves a long-lasting impression every time it’s on screen.

Eden’s experience on the Cowboy Bebop sets

Eden got to act with John Cho, which according to Eden, “It was such an amazing experience.” This was Eden’s debut role, and she has got something to brag about. Even though it was a brief stay for Eden, she loved every second. Eden explained, “The sets are so, so coo and at night it’s like a completely different atmosphere.”

Radical Ed’s costume was also a perfect fit for Eden, who felt comfortable in it. Eden had a hard time not messing up her spiky wig, which tempted her to touch it constantly.

Eden’s best Radical Ed moment

Eden recalls her favorite Radical Ed moment from the Cowboy Bebop anime. “When there’s a bounty on the Bebop and he is being very mean to Ein and Ed just comes down, funks him on the head and starts biting him. It’s truly amazing.”

Radical Ed’s high voltage energy is definitely one of her charms, and Eden couldn’t resist the same charm. The prospect of being cast as Radical Ed excited Eden for playing such an amazing character is no simple task.

Who is Radical Ed?

Edward is a girl who became an orphan because her workaholic father forgot to pick her up from the daycare center. After running from an orphanage in 2068, Edward quickly amassed the reputation for being a genius hacker. The spiky redhead hacked Bebop to force the crew onboard to let her join them in their quest.

Eden Perkins plays the role of Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV, a name given by Edward himself. Eden only had to shoot for one day as her role was minimal, but the 13-year-old gave a solid performance.

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Netflix Geeked tweeted a video interaction of Eden Perkins, which is creating a lot of buzz for the right reasons.

Let us know in the comment sections which is your favorite radical Ed moment.

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