Meet Sarma Melngailis’ Ex-husband, Anthony Strangis, “A Complete Maniac” From ‘Bad Vegan’

Meet Sarma Melngailis’ Ex-husband, Anthony Strangis, “A Complete Maniac” From ‘Bad Vegan’

The latest true crime hit on Netflix that has been making the rounds on all online discussion boards. Bad Vegan has gotten everyone intrigued about the real-life people the docuseries is based on. Who is celebrity restaurateur, Sarma Melngailis’ husband, Anthony Strangis? Does he have a criminal past? We have all the answers. 

The docuseries focuses on the owner of Pure Food and Wine, Sarma Melngailis, and her troubled relationship with fraudster Anthony Strangis. Together, husband and wife would scam their investors and employees of their money, nearly $2m. Subsequently, they would go for a run but be caught because of one foolish decision. Strangis, who also goes by Shane Fox, would order a Domino’s pizza to their Tennessee motel using his real name. The pizza did arrive but along came the cops.

The story gets more absurd as the docuseries maps the timeline of their relationship. 

Anthony Strangis impersonated a police officer and has served jail time 

Duping Sarma and her employees wasn’t his first. The man has previously faked as a police officer and was imprisoned for a year on Riker’s Island. For swindling $1m from Sarma’s restaurant, the judge sentenced him to 5 years of probation. In 2017, the “complete maniac” was accused of grand larceny, theft, and criminal tax fraud. 

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Their first encounter on Twitter

Shane caught Sarma’s attention when he was caught in an online beef with Alec Baldwin. It was 2011 when they started talking. Shortly after dating, they got married. Shane brought a son from his previous marriage. They weren’t a perfect fit for each other as the couple divorced later in 2018. Sarma faced psychological and emotional abuse in their marriage. 

Strangis had promised immortality to Sarma and her pitbull, Leon. He and his brother would blackmail her and keep her on watch. Sarma also believed his lie that Leon was her dog in her previous life too “Leon would also be immortal and safe to be by my side for eternity,” said Sarma. They would set up “tasks” for her to do. If she failed to do them, he would resort to threats.

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