Meet Jenny and Kiki – The New Character Additions in ELITE on Netflix

Meet Jenny and Kiki – The New Character Additions in ELITE on Netflix

A Spanish thriller series with four seasons is literally blowing hot on Netflix, and the series has hooked the fans. Just to be clear, we are talking about Elite on Netflix and not “Money Heist“. An element of surprise for the audience throughout the season is the only parallel between the two series.

A quick overview

The series takes place in Las Encinas, a fictional high school, and follows the dynamics between the privileged students and their working-class teenage classmates, who attend the school on scholarships.

Elite delves on teen drama and related themes, as well as more progressive issues and alternate perspectives on the genre’s clichés. These include a wide range of sexual themes. The series follows a flash-forward plot, with each season taking place in two different timelines.

The latest additions

Still Watching Netflix uploaded the third episode of “Go Off”, a digital talk & comedy sketch show. Netflix stars Jessica Marie Garcia (On My Block) and Julissa Calderon (Gentefied) are the co-hosts. This episode featured the hosts as the newest transfer students on the Las Encinas campus.

Jessica Marie Garcia and Julissa Calderon played the roles of Jenny and Kiki, respectively. But they completely changed the genre of the series from thriller to comedy. In addition, the girls portrayed the roles of spoiled brats from Florida to pinpoint perfection. Jenny is a Gemini with a Virgo Moon and Scorpio rising, whereas Kiki is a triple Leo.

But, the girls can hardly keep themselves from trouble, be it the principal or walking in on someone in the act. And their broken Spanish makes things worse. Given how they handled themselves in the investigation, we can bet that the girls wouldn’t last at the murderous school for an entire semester.

Updates on the new season of Elite

Netflix released Elite on October 5, 2018, and the series has been flourishing its fanbase. The writing and the plot of the series are definitely to credit, but the cast has also been up to the mark. Elite on Netflix has an ensemble cast, and Netflix will most likely drop the 5th season in April or May 2022. The streamer has already announced the renewal of the series for a 6th season and new short stories.

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Let us know in the comment section if you have binged Elite on Netflix. How excited are you for the 5th season of Elite?

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