Matthew Vaughn Once Called Zack Snyder the Fault in Henry Cavill’s Superman

Matthew Vaughn Once Called Zack Snyder the Fault in Henry Cavill’s Superman

When Henry Cavill graced our screens donning Superman’s costume, the actor probably was not aware of the impact that he would have. As DC continued to go on and off with him, it was only when the actor officially announced his exit that it became evident what a gem he was as Superman. While fans mostly associate Cavill’s brilliance in Superman with Zack Snyder’s brilliance, Matthew Vaughn was of a different opinion in 2021.

Days following his DC exit, fans bombarded Twitter with hashtags reading “Henry Cavill deserves better!” And Matthew Vaughn thinks so too. However, his like-mindedness with fans does not extend to their faith in Snyder Verse supremacy.

Matthew Vaughn vouched for a “colorful Superman”

The larger audience is of the opinion that it is through Snyder that Henry Cavill was able to prove his brilliance as Superman. The Man of Steel director is known for his excessive use of dark tones in the movie. Synder’s dark vision has a separate fanbase of its own and it definitely does not consist of Matthew Vaughn because he thinks Snyder’s vision of a darker Superman was a “mistake,” as reported by The Wrap.

The director revealed while promoting The King’s Man in 2021 that putting Superman into the Batman world was not the right tactic. And things would have proven to be much bigger and brighter for Superman had he been at the helm of affairs.

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I still think there’s room for a new Superman film, but a proper Superman film. A colorful, fun Superman movie. Not a dark one,” the director had said. Apparently, Vaughn had pitched his “colorful” Superman movie before Man of Steel released. But the direct still got to work with Cavill in another project.

Will Henry Cavill work with Matthew Vaughn?

The thought of an excited Henry Cavill tweeting about his return only to exit weeks later still leaves a bitter taste in fans’ mouth. And at this point, the mass majority will prove to appreciative of the actor as Superman in any color. However, it is unlikely that he will choose to return as Superman after the entire ordeal.

While Vaughn may not have a chance to make Henry Cavill, the Superman of his dreams, he has worked with him on another project. The King’s Man director roped Henry Cavill in for a spy thriller by the name of Argylle, which is set to release some time in 2023.

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